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The Ouija Board (pronounced WEE-JA) has always been mysterious and mystifying. Ask it a question and it will respond by spelling out your answer in the window of the Message Indicator (Planchette).


  • Ouija Board
  • Message Indicator (Planchette)
  • 3 Glide Feet
  • Rulebook

How do I make it work

At night, leave the Board and the Planchette side by side under a lamp with the light on for approximately 10 minutes. During the day, leave t|hem in a sunny window. The glow will last for approximately 30 minutes.


  • If desired, set the mood by dimming the lights or turning them off.

  • Before using the Ouija Board, wipe it with a dry cloth to remove dust and moisture.

  • Sit opposite another player or gather around the board if more than two are playing.

  • Set the Ouija Board either on the players' laps or on a small table between and within reach of the players.

  • Additional players are encouraged to look on and take note of the Ouija Board's responses.

  • Set the Planchette in the center of the Ouija board.

  • Place two fingers lightly on the Planchette.

  • Now, concentrate.

What Do I Do Now

Players take turns asking questions and all should agree to the question being asked. Ask only one question at a time. Ask your questions slowly and clearly. And wait to see what the Planchette spells out for you.

If nothing happens, try asking another question. Allow one to five minutes for an answer to come.

Will it tell you Yes or No? Will it give you a Number or Spell out an answer?

For decades, players have brought their questions to the Ouija board. What you do with the information it reveals is between you and the Mystifying Oracle!

Ouija, it's only a game, isn't it?

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