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The Events in Detail:

3x Pilgrimage

When the "Pilgrimage" event is drawn, you may not recruit Monks this round. Pilgrimage is the only event that is not triggered in Phase 6: "Event", but in Phase 5: "Actions".

3x Income

You receive a number of coins equal to your Development Status.

3x Harvest

You must pay 1 food item (grain, cheese, or wine). Return the paid food item to the Goods Market. If you cannot pay the food, pay 5 coins instead. If you cannot do this either, you must undergo torture (see below).

3x Taxes

Count the number of goods you have. Pay 1 coin per 3 goods you have. If you cannot pay, you must undergo torture (see below).

3x Trading Day

You receive 1 coin per Trading Station you built.

3x Plague

You lose 1 Character Tile. Draw a Character Tile from your Followers Bag and return it to the game board (it becomes available again). Do not move your marker back on the corresponding track. You cannot lose the Character Tiles of your color (i.e. your initial Farmer, Boatman, Craftsman, or Trader).
If you draw one of them, lucky you. In this case, you do not lose a Character Tile this round.

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