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  • 2-Piece Base
  • 2 Palm Trees with Toucan Lever and Vine String
  • Orangutan
  • 14 Hanging Game Pieces
  • Die
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Carefully hang fruit and jungle friends on the Orangutan without making him go twaaang!


  • Assemble the game base and trees as shown

  • Pull the Toucan Lever up until it clicks.

  • Remove the Orangutan from the box window and hang him from the string that connects the trees.

  • Place all of the game pieces in the base and set the die out on the playing area.

Game Play

  • The player who can say "banana" five times fast without messing up goes first! If it's a tie, or you don't like bananas and don't want to say it, then the youngest player goes first!

  • Roll the die to see which game piece you'll hang on the Orangutan.a pineapple, bat, banana bunch, gecko or coconut. If you roll a "star" that means you lose your turn and are safe for now!

    If you roll items that have all been hung (none are left on the base), then roll again!

  • Whichever item you roll, you must take that piece and hang it ANYWHERE on the Orangutan-not on the vine-hang it from his leg, arm, wherever you want!

    The key is to keep him balanced and place it carefully so he doesn't jump and go flying off the string!

  • The next player to the left then rolls the die and play continues! Keep going until the Orangutan just can't take anymore and he goes twaaang!

End of the Game

The last player to successfully hang an item on the Orangutan, before the player who made him twaaang and go flying, is the winner! Celebrate with your best Orangutan dance!

Note: When disassembling, twist trees to remove from base.

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