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  • 1000 Sets of clues on 200 Cards
  • Spin Timer
  • 5 Scoring Markers
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Rack up points by solving clues!


  • Place the Cards, the 5 Scoring Markers and the Spin Timer in the center where all can easily reach them.

  • Everyone should practice twirling the Spin Timer to get the hang of it - during play, when it comes to a complete stop, time is up.

  • Get a pen and paper to keep score.

  • Divide into two teams - it doesn't matter if they are uneven.

Game Play

  • Players try to solve a set of 5 clues.

  • Here's an example of what you might find on a card:

  • Pick a team to start.

  • Players on a team take turns twirling the Spin Timer and reading the clues aloud in order to your teammates.

  • Your teammates must try to guess the answer to each pair of clues, and may shout out as many answers as they wish.

  • When somebody gets the correct answer, grab a Scoring Marker from the center.

  • lf at any time the players are stumped, the reader may choose to skip to the next clue. Players may not returned to any clues that were skipped.

  • Keep playing until all 5 clues are answered correctly, or until time runs out.

  • When time's up, stop play immediately, and add up the Scoring Markers.


A team scores one point for each of the Scoring Markers it took during the round. Put all the Markers back in the center and it becomes the other team's turn. Designate a new reader, take a new card, twirl the timer, and play as before.

End of the Game

The game ends when everyone has had two turns as the reader! lf you have more than 5 players per team, the game ends when everyone has had one turn as the reader.

The team with the most points wins! ln the case of a tie, play additional rounds until a winner is determined.

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