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  • 64 pattern cards
  • 16 transparent squares (four squares in each color set)

Game Play

Arrange four transparent squares so that they all overlap to perfectly duplicate the pattern of dots shown on a selected pattern card.

You can either play solitaire or against others. In either case, the same basic rules apply:

  1. You must always use all four transparent squares to duplicate the pattern.

  2. You may rotate and flip the squares in any direction.

  3. All four squares must end up overlapping to form a single square.

Examples: Overlap all four sqaures to form a single square.

Dot to Dot Dash (2-4 players)

Be the first player to collect five pattern cards by racing against your opponents to replicate the pattern of dots.

Shuffle the pattern cards and stack them face down in the middle of the playing area. Give each player a set of four transparent squares with the same color border.

Reveal the top pattern card and then, without taking turns, race to arrange your four squares to match the pattern on the card.

Important note: You may not cover or block the face up pattern card with your squares!

When you think you have solved the pattern, yell "On the Dot!" and play stops. All players check your solution to make sure that all the dots are in correct order.

If they are, you win the pattern card (put it face down in front of you) and start a new round by revealing the next card.

If the solution is not correct, you are out for the round and all the other players continue until someone solves the pattern.

End of the Game

Play until a player has won five cards.


Alternate Play

Turn over the same number of pattern cards as there are players. On "Go", all players race to complete any one of the face up patterns.

As soon as someone has solved one, that player wins the card and turns over a new pattern card. The first player to solve five cards wins.

Solitaire Play

Take a set of four transparent squares with the same color border. (Place any extras out of play). Shuffle the pattern cards and stack them face down in front of you.

Get either a stop watch or a watch with a second hand ready. Set a limit (i.e., 5 or 10 minutes) and try to see how many pattern cards you can solve in that time frame. Try again and see if you can beat the number of cards you solved.

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