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First Colonists Variant

When playing for the first time, it is recommended to use the 3 Mission cards shown below, the First Colonist tiles, and the First Colonist cards.

  1. Use the following Mission cards:

    The Mission markers should placed on the following actions: Obtain a Blueprint, Hire a Scientist, and Control Center.

  2. First Colonist tiles: Instead of choosing a Turn Order space, shuffle the tiles and give each player one of them at random. Players then place their Player marker on the indicated Turn Order space and receive the benefit of that space (as described in the Reference book).

  3. First Colonist cards: During setup, shuffle the 'A' cards and deal each player one at random which they keep secret from the other players.

    Return any remaining ones to the box. Shuffle the 'B' cards and place them face down nearby. Each 'A' card depicts 4 types of Building.

    As soon as you construct any one of the Buildings depicted on your card you reveal the card, return it to the game box, and then draw the top 2 cards from the 'B' deck which you keep secret.

    Each 'B' card depicts a task. If you complete that task, reveal it, gain the reward depicted, and then return the card to the box. You can only complete one task each turn.

Space Oddity Variant

In this variant, when the end of the game is triggered, play only until the end of the current Colonization phase. Be aware that if the last player to take a turn in the Colonization phase triggers the end of the game, the game will end immediately after that player's turn.

Two-player Game

  1. During setup, place only 2 Crystals and 2 of each Resource in the Warehouse.

  2. During setup, return the 8 remaining tech tiles to the box.

  3. Check page 6 for the starting layout of Shelters.

  4. The additional cost to place a Colonist on an Action slot is equal to the number of Colonists already on Action slots for the chosen action (of both you and your opponent).

  5. Skip the refill of the Tech Grid since there aren't any more tiles to do so.

  6. When refilling the Warehouse with Crystals and Resources from the general supply, add up to 2 of each.

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