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When a player stops his Ship on a Harbor on the map he takes the Harbor marker if there is any.

All the Harbor marker the player owns are put beside the player himself. Only the last marker taken is the active one, the others are placed face down. A marker stays active until a new marker is taken or the player's Ship stops at an empty Harbor (so the player has no active markers at all).

There are 6 kind of Harbor markers.


The player who stops his Ship on a Harbor with the Compass can immediately move the Ship at another Harbor he chooses (wherever on the map).

The player takes the marker from the Harbor where he moves, but the Compass is discarded. It is not allowed to move the Ship on a Harbor with another Compass.

Fight The Pirates

The player does not count Pirate icons on the played Cards. This means that during his turn no Cards will be put on the Pirates Stack.

The player must discard the excededing Cards during the Maritime Power Phase as usual (see Maritime Power Phase).

On Favourable Terms

The player can buy Cards during his Trade Phase (see Trade Phase) for better prices.

He can buy Cards (from the Goods Deck or his own Pirates Stack) as follows: the first Card costs 1 Ducati, the second Card 2 Ducati, the third Card 3 Ducati and the fourth Card is 4 Ducati.

Local Authority

At the begin of the turn the active player gains Ducati as follows: Ducati points gained = number of Maritime Power icons on the Card on the top of the Cargo Stack minus 3.

So, if there are 6 Maritime Power icons the player gains 3 Ducati; if there are 5 icons he gains 2 Ducati, if there are 4 gains 1 Ducati, if there are 3 he gains nothing.

Big Deal

The player adds one Ducati icon to the total number of Ducati icons on the Cards played (see the Ducati Action), even if there is no Ducati icons on the Cards played.

Example: Barbara has the Ducati marker. She playes 4 Cards with for a total of 2 Ducati icons. During the Ducati Action he scores as for 3 Ducati icons (6 Ducati Points).

Plain Sailing

The player gains 1 Ducati Point for each Ship icon on the played Cards.

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