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Every morning, Odin, the Allfather of the Norse Gods, sends his two ravens, Huginn and Muninn out into Midgard to watch over the land. Each player will take a raven and use their flight cards to move them across the different landscapes of the world which we know as Earth.

After thousands of years of taking this trip every day, the ravens have turned it into a race! They will head in opposite directions around the world, and the first one who returns to the starting point will be the winner. They can also ask for help from Loki, god of tricks and mischief, to make their path easier or the other raven's path trickier!

With clever use of flight cards and Loki cards, a raven can move quickly over the world and win the race back to Odin's side.


  • 2 Wooden Ravens
  • 50 Flight Cards
  • 16 Loki Cards
  • 40 Land Cards


Shuffle the land cards and place a line of 16 cards between the players. Each card contains two spaces, and these spaces form two routes down which the ravens will fly. When laying out the cards, make sure that no two spaces in a row are the same.

If they are, rotate the newest card 180° to change the space. If there are still two land spaces of the same type, place that card at the bottom of the deck and replace it with a new land card. Place the deck of remaining land cards face down nearby.

Both players place their ravens at one end of the land cards, each in front of one route. When a raven reaches the last land card, it switches to the other side of it and flies back along the other route.

Each player takes the 25 flight cards and 8 Loki cards of their color, shuffles them separately and places them face

down as two draw piles. Players then draw 5 cards as their starting hand. Each player can choose to draw cards from either pile in whichever combination they like, for example 3 flight cards and 2 Loki cards.

Whichever player lost the last race should go first.

Object of the Game

The first player to use the flight paths to fly to the end of the world and back is the winner.

Game Play

On their turn, players can choose how many cards from their hand they want to play.

Each type of card allows players to take a different action. Players can take as many or as few actions as they like, as long as they have the right cards available. The actions are:

  • Flight - using a flight card to move a raven along the flight path.
  • Trickery - using a Loki card to take one of the actions on the card.


To move their raven, a player must play a flight card that shows the same land type as the next path space in front of their raven.

For example, if the next land space in front of a raven is a forest, the player must play a forest flight card to move into this space. If there is a row of land spaces of the same type in front of a raven, the player can use the matching flight card to move the raven over all of these spaces, placing the raven at the end of the row.

With some luck, and clever use of the Loki cards, a player can arrange to fly over three or more land spaces of the same type at the same time.

The player plays a mountain flight card and can move their raven 2 land spaces to the second mountain space.

If a player has no flight cards that match the land space in front of their raven, they can use any two flight cards of the same type as though it was whichever flight card they need. The players put their used flight cards face up on the table as a discard pile. If the draw pile of flight cards ever runs out, shuffle up the discards to form a new draw pile.

Here a player plays 2 forest flight cards to move to the mountain land space.


Each Loki card has two different actions as options for the players.

When playing a Loki card that player must choose which of those actions they want to use. Once a Loki card is used it is removed from the game, meaning players can never use trickery more than eight times in a game.

Players should be as tricky as the trickster to make the best use of their cards.

There are four types of Loki cards. Players should read the explanations to these cards before the game to make the best use of them. Any actions which move or rotate land cards cannot be used on a card which currently has a raven on it.

After a loop card has been played, players can use more loop cards to add to that first loop, or can rotate the loop cards as though they are land cards.

The loop action and the slide action will sometimes cause land cards to overlap. Always place the card being moved this turn on top of the other card. If sliding a land card onto a loop card, the additional section is now part of the loop, and the section which was covered is ignored. The card which is partially covered can no longer be moved by any card actions - treat it as though there is a raven on it.

The top space of the land card is now part of the loop.

Ending your Turn

After a player has finished playing cards, they draw 3 cards to end their turn. These cards can be taken in any order from either draw pile.

If a player now has more than 7 cards, they must immediately choose cards to discard without taking actions until they have 7 cards left. As usual, flight cards would be put in the discard pile, while Loki cards would be removed from the game.

End of the Game

The game ends when a player moves their raven into the final space on their opponent's side. That player is the winner!

However, if that player went first, the other player has one more turn to get to their raven to the finish point. If they manage it, whichever player has the most cards left in their hand wins. If it's still a tie, then the ravens must race again to determine a winner!

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