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Leo Larson can't sleep. The strange sounds coming from the house are keeping him awake. Ever the brave soul, Leo sets out to discover the secrets of his grandfather's home and lay blame on the perpetrator of the noises at night.


  • 8 Identity cards
  • 54 Clue cards
  • 10 Event cards
  • 10 Location cards
  • 4 Reference sheets
  • 1 Timer card
  • 1 Timer token
  • 1 Start player token
  • 8 Identity tokens
  • 32 Scoring tokens
  • 1 Instruction manual

Object of the Game

You play as one of eight characters floating around the house of Grandpa Larson. You will litter the house with clue cards while also trying to keep your identity hidden.

At the end of the game, you'll gain points for all cards played to your location and points for each symbol displayed on cards in the house. You'll also gain points for discovering the identity of other players before the end of the game.


Place the toilet card in the center of the play area. Shuffle the deck of location cards and place four cards, faceup, to the right of the toilet card. Clue cards will be added below the location row, so leave space for them. Place the remaining location cards off to the side.

Randomly place two identity tokens on each non-toilet location card. Use a reference card to note the scoring symbol of each character. Make sure that no two characters with the same symbol share a room.

Place the timer card in an easy to access area and, using the timer token, set the timer based on the number of players: 7 for two players, 6 for three, and 5 for four.

Shuffle the event deck and the clue cards and place them near the location cards. Give each player four clue cards.

Place the scoring tokens in a pile off to the side.

Give each player one reference sheet, one "1" scoring token, and one facedown identity card. Players may look at their identity but should not share that info with the other players.

The player that last had a nightmare goes first.

Game Play

Each round is broken into two phases: The Clue Phase and the Guessing Phase. Each player will take one turn per round and may make one guess per guessing phase. Each phase starts with the start player.

Clue Phase

On your turn, you play two clue cards from your hand into one of the five location cards. The cards don't need to be placed into the same room and each card may be placed faceup or facedown.

After playing a card to a location, activate and resolve the special power of the card (if there is one), then the activation power of the location. Only ever resolve the special power of faceup cards.

Exception: Locations with the symbol only activate, once, if you played both of your cards to that location. When playing both cards to a location they do not need to have the same facing.

Once you are finished with your turn, draw back up to four cards, then it is the next player's turn.

Guessing Phase

On your turn, you may make one guess at another player's identity. You may choose to pass rather than guess.

If your guess was correct, flip over the guessed identity card. No other player may guess at that player's identity for the remainder of the game.

Correct guesses award the accuser scoring tokens equal to the current value on the timer card. Incorrect guesses score the same amount to the accused.

Once all players have had a chance to make a guess, draw and resolve one Event card. Finally, pass the start player token to the left and advance the timer by one (counting down).

End of the Game

The game ends once the timer is moved to the 0 position of the card. End game scoring is as follows:

  1. Scoring tokens gained during the game
  2. One point per card in your character's room (including facedown cards)
  3. One point for each of your character's symbols on all faceup cards in the house

The player with the most points at the end is the winner. In case of a tie, the winners play one more round.

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