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Replace the action Retreat into Isolation by Chart Galactic Goals by flipping its action tile over. Give each player a stockpile mat. Shuffle the goal tiles face down. Stack them under the Chart Galactic Goals tile.

Chart Galactic Goals

Action: none.

Bonus: Gain +1 priority and 1 credit. Draw 3 goals, keep 1 face down, and return the other 2 face down to the bottom of the goal stack.

This tile has no action; just three bonuses that the selecting player gains:

  • 1 position on the priority track, inserting their disk in front of the disk immediately before it,
  • 1 credit, and
  • draw and inspect the top three goal tiles (or all of them if fewer than three are available), choosing one to keep face down in front of them and returning the other two tiles face down to the bottom of the goal stack (in whichever order that player chooses).

Then, flip over any previous face down goal tile held by any player to be face up. (No more than one goal tile is ever face down at a time).

Three goals score for the number of goods, credits, or exploration tiles on a player's stockpile mat at game end. If a stockpile goal is face up when doing the listed action, any player may stockpile the item(s) shown on it.

A player may not stockpile more than the maximum number of items listed. Stockpiled items may not be removed. A player may stockpile only one world tile per Explore or Settle action on the Exploration goal.

During play, after an action tile has been selected but before any player does its action, a player with a face down stockpile goal may choose to flip it face up (so that all players have the option to stockpile that item).

At game end, players score every goal tile in play. Flip over any face down goal to its face up side before scoring:

  • Players score goals with vertical lines for the number of listed categories that at least one development or colony in their empire matches at game end. Score the listed VPs for the number of categories, ignoring the order that categories are listed in.

    Example: a player with four of the six different power types listed on the Skilled Workforce goal in their empire at game end scores 2 VPs. Having more than one of a given type does not increase this.

  • Players score goals with listed quantities for the number of matching items in their empire or, for stockpile goals, on their stockpile mat. Each player indexes the quantity they have into the ranges provided to determine the victory points they score.

    Example: a player with six unused colonists on their empire mat at game end scores 5 VPs for the Conscription goal.

Notes: If the Exploration goal is face up and a player owns the development Terraforming Robots, that player might gain and discard a tenth world during Settle, which may be stockpiled.

When Stockpile Resources or Exploration is in play, either goods or worlds in the bag may run out. When doing an action where a shortage might matter, do that action in player order, with players late in the order receiving fewer (or no) goods or tiles to choose from or draw from the bag.

Trade League has a Consume power for the Citizen Services goal and both Trade and Consume powers for the Skilled Workforce goal.

Goal Tiles

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