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Rating: 7.6 Very Good
Players: 4-6 players
Playing time: 120-240 minutes

Official Site: Official site at FFG

Created by: James Kniffen

Published by: Asterion Press, Fantasy Flight Games


The largest, richest, and most diverse city on Earth, New Angeles is home to the Space Elevator that rises along its buckyweave tether and connects us to Luna and its invaluable Helium-3 deposits.

It is here, in New Angeles, that you'll find the global headquarters for the worlds' most powerful megacorps: Haas-Bioroid, Globalsec, Jinteki, Melange Mining, NBN, and the Weyland Consortium.

And it is here, in this shining beacon of human achievement and advancement, that these powerful megacorps enjoy a uniquely fertile breeding ground for their projects and their rivalries.

In New Angeles, you gain control of one of these megacorporations, then you use your wealth and influence to create more wealth and more influence. To do this, you cut deals and forge temporary alliances.

You leverage your credits and assets to gain financial superiority over your corporate rivals. All the while, you also need to keep an eye toward the masses, striking deals with the other corps as necessary in order to keep a lid on crime, disease, and unrest.

If you want to maximize your profit, you need to keep New Angeles open for business!

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New Angeles is a political game in which four to six players assume the roles of the megacorporations of the Android universe.

The players cut deals and forge temporary alliances to gain leverage and financial superiority over their corporate rivals, all while trying to maintain order and profitability in their home city of New Angeles.


  • 1 Game Board
  • 9 Human First Units
  • 9 Orgcrime Units
  • 6 Prisec Units
  • 16 Event Cards
  • 7 Rival Cards
  • 6 Setup Cards
  • 6 Corp Sheets
  • 9 Demand Cards
  • 12 Investment Cards
  • 34 Asset Cards
  • 100 Action Cards
  • 6 Emergency Action Cards
  • 79 Tokens
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

New Angeles is the thriving heart of the solar system's economy, and every nation has a stake in its success. It is each corporation's responsibility to combat threats to the city's productivity, ensuring that its districts continue to produce their many goods and services. …

Deals are the focus of New Angeles; each deal represents an opportunity for a corporation to make a powerful ally through services offered to the city.

During a deal, the active player proposes an action that benefits the board, and he attempts to convince the other players to support that action.

The other players can compete to propose alternative actions, then they can give support to the action they think is best. The player whose proposed action has the most support wins the deal. …

This section provides players with additional rules needed to play their first game.

District Components

A district can contain numerous components that represent the status of that district. Each of these components is described below.

Human First Unit (Enemy unit)

Human First is the organization at the forefront of anti-android activism, instigating unrest and violently sabotaging businesses that employ androids.

When a district with a Human First unit is exploited, unrest increases by two stages instead of one. If unrest cannot increase by two stages, place an outage token in that district's condition box, returning any unrest token there to the reserve. …

Each of the districts in the city of New Angeles is described in more detail below.


Guayaquil used to be the biggest city in Ecuador. Now it's the biggest slum in New Angeles. Whole sectors of the district are no-go zones for the NAPD, and even once-vibrant landmarks like Jack Weyland Arcology are showing their age and crumbling away.

But for all that, it's still the most populous district in the city. It's got the biggest port, it's still got some money, and so what if most of that money is in the hands of orgcrime? It's not like there's an appreciable difference between them and the corps, from the point of view of Jose Q. Publico. …

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