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Name 5 is a party game. Certain Name 5 categories are more open-ended than others. Certain categories are more subjective, where others are very direct and have a limited number of correct responses.

For this reason, we found it impossible to put each and every correct answer in this box. We encourage you to police yourselves while playing.

If you'd like to issue a challenge to a certain answer, put it to a vote, or look it up. Failing that, simply choose another card and play that Name 5 challenge.


  • 288 Name 5 Cards
  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 die
  • 4 Tokens (Pawns)
  • 30 Second Timer
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first team to reach the Name 5 space to win Name 5!


Divide the cards into two piles. Place each pile face down in front of each team. Play in two teams of 2 or 3 players each. Each team selects a token.

The team with the youngest player goes first. Each team puts their token on the Start space on the Game Board.

Note: These instructions are written for team play, however 2 additional tokens are included should you wish to play individually.

Game Play

The team going first rolls the die and moves their team's token the number of spaces rolled on the die.

A player from that team picks a card and reads the Name 5 Challenge corresponding to the color of the space on which the token landed. Another member of the team starts the timer.

The team has 30 seconds to answer the challenge by naming 5.

Example: Name 5 Orange Foods. (oranges, cheddar cheese, carrots, pumpkin, apricots, etc). Some answers may fall into the given category, but only partially, such as foods that have orange in them like candy corn, or peach cobbler.

We feel this is acceptable provided the team can explain their answers.

There should be some room for explanation as long as it is done within the 30 second time limit.

On their turn, team members may all yell out answers as they think of them and keep count as they go.

Option : If this format becomes too chaotic, teams may wish to have a rotating "spokesperson" report the answers before the timer runs out.

If the team is successful in coming up with 5 answers within the Name 5 category, the team rolls again and takes another turn.

If unsuccessful, it's the next team's turn. If a team of NAME 5 "All Stars" plays 5 consecutive rolls, the other team automatically takes the next turn. Players return their cards to the bottom of the stack and pick a new card for each turn.

Special Spaces on the Game Board

  • All Play:

    The All Play symbol has two colors beneath it. If your team lands on an All Play space, you may select one of the two colors for your Name 5 category before looking at the card.

    The other team will play the Name 5 challenge that matches the other color on the space. One player from each team may then silently read the card. The timer is not used in this round.

    When both players who have read the card are ready, they both announce the category to their respective teams and the teams race to be the first to Name 5 from their category.

    The first team to complete their Name 5 Challenge rolls the die and takes the next turn. If neither team completes the Name 5 Challenge, both teams draw another card and race to Name 5 again.

    Note : A variation to the All Play is to have each team simply shout out ONE answer to their Name 5 challenge. The first team to "Name 1" wins the round.

    If both teams shout out their first answer at the same time, they should go on to a second answer, until one team shouts out an answer first to win the round.

  • Flip Flop:

    If your team lands on a Flip Flop space, turn over a card and read the Name 5 Challenge that matches the color on the space.

    Your team names the first item, the other team names the next, then your team names the third, and you keep switching back and forth, until one team can't name another Challenge item.

    When one team is unable to name another Challenge item, the team that named the last item gets a free roll, moves that number of spaces, and then rolls again and takes the next turn.

    Note: You may wish to record the answers on a sheet of paper. Any "repeat answers" would be counted as a wrong answer.

  • Wild:

    If your team lands on a Wild space, you may read all of the Name 5 Challenges on the card, and decide which challenge to answer.

    Start the timer, and your team has 30 seconds to name 5 items for that Name 5 Challenge. If successful, your team takes another turn. If not, it's the other team's turn.

  • Double Down:

    If your team lands on a Double Down space, you may read all of the Name 5 Challenges on the card, and choose 2 Challenges to name all 5 items in 30 seconds.

    Start the timer, and name the items. If your team is successful, you roll the die and move double the number rolled on the die.

    If not, it's the other team's turn.

End of the Game

When your team's token reaches the end of the board, you must roll the specific number of spaces needed to reach the Name 5 space in the center of the board.

If you roll a higher number, you must play the Name 5 Challenge matching the color of the space your token is on to earn another roll. When you roll the number needed to land on the Name 5 space, take a card.

Your team has 90 seconds (turn timer over twice) to complete all of the Name 5 Challenges on the card to win Name 5!

If unsuccessful, it is the other team's turn, and on your next turn, your team can choose another card and try again.

Note: the white arrow is not a space, and may not be landed on or counted as a space.

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