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Muse is a party game where you use cryptic clues to inspire your teammates.


  • 84 tarot-sized Masterpiece Cards
  • 30 Inspiration Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The first team to collect five masterpieces wins!


Divide your group into two or three teams, each team with at least two players.

Then, shuffle the Masterpiece Card and Inspiration Card decks separately, and place them in easy reach of all teams.

The team with the youngest player takes the first turn.

For a game with fewer than four players, refer to the included rules supplement card!

Game Play

During your team's turn...

  1. Pick one player on your team to be the Muse. Try taking turns as Muse however you like!

  2. The team to your left draws 6 Masterpiece Cards and 2 Inspiration cards.

  3. That team secretly chooses and passes one of those Inspiration Cards and one of the Masterpiece Cards to your team's Muse.

  4. Your team's Muse reveals that Inspiration card, then gives your team a clue to lead you to the Masterpiece Card. Your Muse's clue must follow the instructions printed on the Inspiration Card.

  5. The team to your left takes that Masterpiece Card, secretly shuffles it in with the other five they drew, and then lays them face-up for all players to see.

  6. You and your team work together and make one guess to discover which Masterpiece Card your Muse was handed in step 3. Your Muse cannot speak or help you in any way other than by repeating the clue given in step 4.

  7. Your Muse reveals whether your guess is correct or incorrect. If correct, your team claims that card as your Masterpiece; if incorrect, the team to your left claims that card instead!

    Once your team has completed its turn, discard all cards used this turn.

    Reshuffle the discard pile into the deck if it runs out. Play passes to the next team clockwise in order.

End of the Game

The first team to claim 5 masterpieces wins.

Two and Three-Player Variant

With fewer than four players, you are working cooperatively to complete Masterpieces together!

The game is played as normal, with the following changes:

  • Players take turns as the Muse, with the other player(s) taking the role of the artists.

  • The Muse draws one Masterpiece Card and two Inspiration Cards, and chooses one of the Inspiration Cards to use in his or her clue.

  • The Muse draws five more Masterpiece Cards, shuffles all six together, and lays them out for all players to see.

  • The artists guess as normal. If correct, place the Masterpiece Card in your scoring area. If incorrect, set that Masterpiece aside. You win if you complete five Masterpieces before you have set three Mastepieces aside!

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