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Basic Scoring

During your first game or when playing with younger players, it is advised to use the basic scoring rules. They are very similar to standard scoring rules, with the exception of additional DP for sets of dimension icons:

  • Each player counts DP for his sealed portals (numbers shown inside the bulbs).

  • Then, each player 1 DP for each unused tool!

The player with the highest score wins!

Deadly Portals

Now, horrible creatures from parallel realities are crawling out to steal your research results. This game variant makes the game a little more risky and chaotic during the final scoring.

  • The game ends when creatures pass through open portals to our world and steal your data. Players must discard all their portal cards that have the same icons as the portals that are still left face-up above the transformers.

  • Then, each player counts DP for his remaining sealed portals.

  • Finally, each player loses 1 DP for each unused tool in his lab.

In this mode you don't collect points from sets (Omni Set and Specialization Set).

The player with the highest score wins.

Short Game

If you play with less players or just wish to play a little shorter game, discard 1 random portal card from each portal stack.

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