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Mr. Bucket is the original moving chasing racing action game. As Mr. Bucket moves around the floor, can you scoop up all your color balls and place them back into Mr. Bucket before he pops them out again?


  • Mr. Bucket
  • 4 shovels (1 of each color)
  • 12 balls (3 of each color)
  • 1 sticker sheet
  • Instructions

Note to Parents

Mr. Bucket is a battery-operated game, which must only be used with the special balls enclosed. DO NOT allow your child to place sand, k water, or any objects other than the game balls into Mr. Bucket.


Game Play

Each player chooses a different color shovel and the matching three balls. If there are less than 4 players, place unused shovels and matching color balls out of play.

When everyone is ready, one player turns the switch underneath Mr. Bucket to the "ON" position, and places Mr. Bucket on the floor. Get ready - Mr. Bucket will start to move around quickly!

Everyone then scoops up a ball that matches his or her colored shovel and drops the ball into Mr. Bucket. Watch out - he may shoot out your ball! If he does, quickly scoop it up and place it back into Mr. Bucket.

  1. Players must keep scooping their matching color balls until they have managed to get all three inside.

  2. Players may ONLY pick up their own color balls and MUST use their shovel NOT their hands.

  3. After a player has dropped their first ball into Mr. Bucket, they must run and scoop another matching ball.

  4. You must hurry as Mr. Bucket will pop balls back out almost as fast as players can drop them in.

End of the Game

As soon as a player has managed to get all three of their color balls inside Mr. Bucket, they must quickly lift Mr. Bucket by his handle, which stops him from popping out any more balls.

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