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Q: How Does Kite Work?

A: Kite copies everything about the chosen work - value, type, and effect. Kite no longer counts as Cloth (unless the chosen work is Cloth). This remains in effect until your turn ends, so if the game ends before that happens, it stays a copy during end game scoring.

Q: How Often Can I Use A Work's Effects?

A: Effects can be used once each time they are triggered (In the morning, after a work is completed, at night, etc).

Q: Can I Combine Cards In My Hand And Craft Bench For A Smith Action?

A: No. Support for Smith must come entirely from your hand.

Q: How Many Points Are Sales And Backorders Worth?

A: Each covered sale is worth its value in points. Backorders (if you have the most sales of their type) are each worth their value as well.

Q: Do Stone Works With Go Set Count Toward Ending The Game?

A: Yes. With Go Set, each stone work counts for cover, game end, and effects like Tapestry in both wings. They do not count as multiple works for effects like Frog or Shuriken.

Q: If I Gain A Helper During A Task, Or If One Becomes Covered, Do I Get Extra Actions?

A: No, you count the number of actions you receive before starting the task.

Q: Can I Claim Backorders With 0 Sales If I Have Quilt Or Lampshade?

A: Yes. Also, if multiple players have Quilt or Lampshade, each could claim backorders in tied types.

Q: Do I Have To Use Effects On My Cards?

A: No. Using effects is optional.

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