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Hand Rankings - Highest to Lowest

Double Crosser

See blow.





High Card

Higher Ranked Hands

Any hand of a higher rank always beats a hand of a lower rank.

In this example, the Pair of 7s beats the High Card Ace. Likewise, any 3-of-a-Kind always beats a 2-of-a-Kind.

In-hand Tie Break

When a hand from the Hand Rankings chart is played as part of a larger hand (e.g., if a Pair is played as part of a 3-card hand) and two or more players initially tie, the extra card(s) determine the higher-ranking hand.

In this example, two hands tied with their 3-of-a-Kind, so the tie is broken by the leftover High Card. A Double Crosser does not occur because the extra card is part of a larger hand.

Ranking Two Pairs

If two hands have Two-Pair, first compare the higher Pairs to determine the winner.

In this example, the Pair of Queens beats the Pair of Jacks. If the higher Pairs are tied, then compare the lower Pairs.

Double Crossing

During any action, if one (or more) player's hand contains all Aces, and one (or more) player's hand contains all 6s, then the 6s count as a Double Crosser, which beats every hand!

The 6 becomes a Double Crosser and beats everything because an Ace was played.

Without a hand of Aces, the 6s are a low Pair, so the Kings win.

In order to Double Cross, there needs to be a full hand of 6s and a full hand of Aces.

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