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  • 72 mosquito discs
  • 8 collecting boards
  • Instructions


You will need a pencil and a sheet of paper to keep track of the score. Each game consists of 5 rounds of mosquito-slapping madness!

Spread all 72 mosquito discs face up in the middle of the table, within easy reach of all players. Make sure that none of the discs overlap.

Place the collecting boards face down, so players cannot see the mosquitoes pictured on the collecting boards. Each player selects a collecting board, keeping it face down.

When all players are ready, someone yells "go" and now the madness begins.

Game Play

Players flip over their collecting boards and begin looking for matching mosquitoes (shape, color, pattern) to the 9 mosquitoes pictured on their collecting board.

When a player spots a match, they quickly slap their hand on that mosquito, then place it on top of the matching mosquito on their collecting board.

When a player has collected all 9 mosquitoes, they yell "mosquito" and the round is over. Check to make sure all the mosquitoes match. If all mosquitoes do indeed match - the player has won the round.

But if there is a mismatch - the player is disqualified from the round, and the player with the next most matches is the winner.

Before beginning the next round, players must select a new collecting board. One complete game consists of 5 rounds.

Mark the winner of each round on a sheet of paper.

End of the Game

The player who wins the most rounds is the winner.

Memory Game

Looking for a fun but challenging memory game? Simply flip the mosquito discs face down. Now you have the perfect memory game!

There are 18 different mosquitoes. Each mosquito appears on 4 discs.

To make playing memory easier for younger kids, simply remove complete sets of 4 mosquitoes, until you reach the level of difficulty you desire.

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