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Q: what happens if i have four hunters-orthree hunters and the monster-when the round begins?

A: You should discard a Hunter facedown to your pile of played cards without effect and skip your turn. This card does not count for the special ability of the Werewolf or Mermaid.

Q: what happens if i use a fog, gossip, rumor, or deal as my last card and have no more cards left in my hand?

A: Since they need another card to resolve the card effect, those cards are then played without any effect.

Q: if the first hunter card is discarded, for example by a friend or a dog, does the mermaid lose her ability?

A: No, the Mermaid can still ignore the first Hunter card which is played, because the discarded Hunter does not count as played.

Q: does the werewolf count discarded hunter cards to use his ability?

A: No, the Werewolf counts only played Hunters and not discarded ones.

Q: when playing deal, who chooses whether 1 or 2 cards are exchanged?

A: The player who played Deal chooses the number of cards exchanged.

Q: when playing steal, can i give back the card i just stole?

A: Yes!

Q: what happens if the player chosen by a friend card has no hunter card?

A: Nothing happens but the player who played the Friend card still becomes the monster's friend.

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