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Team Mode (2 vs 2 Players)

This is a duel between two teams, each consisting of two players. Here is a list of changes to the rules:

When setting up the game, players are divided randomly or by choice into two teams.

Each player gets the appropriate Alliance tile, and each team has a special marker for the Hit Points of the team Banners.

Order of Play

When determining the order, make sure that players of the same team do not follow each other.

If one team is players A and B, and the second is C and D, then the turn order of individual players will take the form of A-C-B-D.

To aid in tracking whose turn it is, players can use the Active Player tile.

Each team places their Alliance marker on space number 20 of the Damage track. In other words, players in one team have a common pool of Hit Points of their Banners. Any Wounds received by any of the Banners of one team moves the marker accordingly.

Starting the Game

The first player draws one tile, the second player draws two tiles, the third player draws three tiles. After this sequence, each player draws three tiles as usual.

The tile discard rules are the same as those of a standard game.

Final Battle

When any player draws the last tile from their stack, each other player gets one more turn. Once this is complete, the Final Battle starts.

Single Player Versus Team

The rules of the team game 2 vs 2 players apply with the following changes:

The first player (called the single player) plays against players two and three, who form a team.

The single player places his faction Hit Point marker and the team places the Alliance Hit Point marker on space number 20 of the Damage track.

Turn Order

the turn of the players forming the team does not follow each other, instead, they play alternately with the single player. If the team consists of players Al and A2, and the single player is player B, the turn order of the players is as follows: A1-B-A2-B-A1-B etc.

Team Play Rules

The tiles of the players from a team are called Allies. Here are the rule changes for the players in a team:

  • Bonuses from Runes and Banners also act on the Allied tiles.

  • Order tiles Move/Teleport/Rotation can be played on Allied tiles. Team players can use the Maneuver Feature of Allied tiles on their turn.

  • Push back Orders cannot be played on an Allied tile.

  • Allied tiles cannot damage each other. Ranged attacks pass through Allied tiles as through their own friendly tiles.

  • Nets do not disable Allied tiles.

  • The team that lower the Hit Points of the other team (or single player) to 0 wins the game. If no one succeeds in doing so, the team with the highest Hit Point level at the end of the game wins.

The Alliance tiles (one for every Alliance member) and the Alliance Hit Point markers (one for eveiy Alliance).

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