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Q: Someone guessed part of the name or something really close to it. Does that count?

A: To keep things moving during a turn, the person giving clues should decide whether their team guessed correctly.

After their turn, feel free to argue about it-that can be a lot of fun, actually-but try not to interrupt them while the timer is going. Our view is that as long as a person got the gist of the name, it should count.

Q: My friends aren't internet weirdos like you. What should I do if they don't know who a lot of these people are?

A: Dealing out more cards at the beginning of the game helps, since that will give them more to choose from.

Q: This guy did a robot voice for the Stephen Hawking clue. Is that allowed?

A: Sure-different intonations and sound effects are fine. It's ultimately up to you guys about how strict to be, but you should let anything funny or clever slide.

Q: Can you say the shortened version of a name as a clue, like Mike for Michael?

A: No. Also no spelling out the name or using initials.

Q: One of the players is using the game as an excuse to say racist/misogynistic stu. What should I do?

A: Tell them it's not cool and/or find new friends.

Q: The word "The" and "A" are in the name. Can I still use them while giving clues?

A: Yes, of course.

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