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  • Hammer

    Allows you to add a new Mineral to the fragment of the board you or another player are about to cut off.

    You can also place the Mineral anywhere on the board as long as it will be adjacent to at least two other Minerals.

  • Shovel

    You can use it while cutting off a fragment from the board, but first you have to pay for it with a wollastonite from your pool.

    When cutting off more than one fragment of the board you can take any Mineral you like from one of them. You can take only the least valued Mineral from all other cutoff fragments.

  • Chest

    You cannot use it if there are no Minerals left in the pouch.

  • Sack

    The number of Minerals you exchange with each other may be different.

    For example, in a 4-point exchange you can take 1 anthracite from your opponent and give him 2 wollastonites (white Mineral) and 1 kyanite (blue Mineral) in exchange (4 = 2 x1 + 2).

  • Map

    You can use it during the move, but first you have to pay for it with a watermelon tourmaline from your pool.

    You can change the direction of the move both above a Crevice and above another player's pawn. You can even turn around and retrace your steps.

  • Compass

    When using the Compass you do not have to move the required number of hexes, but you do have to move at least 1 hex.

    You cannot move onto Crevices or Minerals occupied by other players; you have to stop on an unoccupied Mineral just ahead of either. By using the Compass you can reach the edge of the board.

  • Magnifying Glass

    You can use the Magnifying Glass at any time during your turn, but first you have to pay for it with a anthracite from your pool.

    You cannot take the additional Mineral if you could not perform the correct move, or if there is no adjacent mineral of a different color.

  • Vortex

    You can use Vortex before or after your move, but not during. With Vortex, you move both your pawn and the Mineral below it.

  • Rope

    Rope allows you to make an additional move, so you can excavate two Minerals in one turn.

    Rope however does not allow you to use another Tool (you can use only one Tool per turn and you are already using the Rope) or to exchange your Minerals for more than one Collection card.

  • Lamp

    You cannot copy Lamp's effect.

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