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  • 25 Craft Cards
  • 24 Wood Cards
  • 11 Wild Cards
  • 9 Stone Cards
  • 8 Iron Cards
  • 7 Gold Cards
  • 6 Diamond Cards
  • 5 Creeper Cards
  • 5 TNT Cards
  • 4 Card Holders

Object of the Game

Be the first player to earn the most points


Shuffle all the Resource Cards (Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Wild, Creeper and TNT). Next, deal them FACE DOWN into 5 piles of 15 cards each. Then turn each pile OVER so that all the cards in each pile are now FACE UP.

Shuffle the Craft Cards and then deal them into 4 piles of 6 cards each, Crafting Side up.

Note: There Will Be One Craft Card Left Over. Set It Aside As It Will Not Be Used In The Game. This Will Become Your Discard Pile.

Discard Pile

When cards are blown up due to a TNT Card, sacrificed due to a Creeper Card or traded in when Crafting (more on all of this later), they go into the discard pile. All cards in the discard pile are placed FACE DOWN.

Make sure every player has a Reserve Card Holder

Card Game? Basics

Players "mine" Resource Cards, and then use those cards to "craft" Craft Cards. When you "craft" a Craft Card, you earn points.

Game Play

On their turn, a player may perform 2 Actions. Once you have completed your 2 Actions, it is the next player's turn.

There are 3 types of Actions to choose from:

  • Mine
  • Craft
  • Reserve

You may perform them in any combination you want (even doing the same Action twice).

For example, you may:

  • Use 2 actions to mine 2 resources
  • Use 1 action to mine and 1 action to craft
  • Use 2 actions to craft 2 items
  • Use 1 action to mine and 1 action to reserve a card
  • Use 1 action to craft and 1 action to reserve a card


If you choose to mine a Resource Card as an action, take 1 resource card from the top of one of the five Resource Card Piles and place it in front of you. For the TNT or Creeper cards, you take different steps (more on that later).

Resource Cards

There are 5 kinds of resource cards. Some are plentiful , and some are more rare and therefore more valuable. They are, in order of most rare to most common:


If you choose to craft as an action, you trade in your resource cards to acquire a Craft Card. The Craft Cards have icons on them that designate how many resources are required to craft that card.

For example, if a Craft Card has 3 Diamond and 2 Wood icons on it, you must turn in Resource Cards equal to 3 Diamonds and 2 Woods to craft it. If your resource cards don't match the required resources exactly, you may overpay for the Craft Card but you will not receive back the difference.

Also, the Craft Cards have a Game Point Value and Crafted Tool associated with them. The points are what you add up to win the game, and you may use the Tool during game play (more on that later).

Once you have crafted a Craft Card, place it in front of you face up.


If you desire a certain Craft Card but are unable to pay for it, you may put the card in Reserve. Take the Craft Card you want and place in a Card Holder. The card is now in reserve.

When you have mined the required resources, you may use an Action on your turn to trade them in and get the card out of reserve. Place it with your other crafted cards.

Special Cards

Wild Card

A Wild card may be used as any 1 type of resource. You may NOT split the value of the Wild card. For example, a Wild 3 card may be used as a 3 Diamond card or a 3 Wood card, but NOT a 2 Diamond card and a 1 Wood card in combination.


If you mine a TNT card, you must play it IMMEDIATELY. Take it and the top card of the 4 other Resource Card piles.

You may keep any 2 of those cards. Then, discard the rest (along with the TNT card) into the discard pile.

Note: you may only keep resource cards or wild cards from the pile.


When a player mines a card and removes it from a pile, if they expose a Creeper card beneath it then ALL PLAYERS must discard a resource card of their choice. The Creeper card is then placed in the discard pile.

Using Tools

Each tool you have crafted has a special power. You may use these powers at any time during the game and using a tool does NOT count as an action.

When you have used the tool's power, flip the Craft Card face down to show you have used the tool. You may use the tool's power only once, but the points on the card STILL COUNT.

Tool Powers

Sword : May be used when a Creeper card is exposed to keep from having to discard a Resource Card.

Shovel : May be used to force another player of your choice to skip one Action on their next turn.

Pick Axe: May be used to get +1 extra action on your turn.

Axe: May be used to count as 2 woods when crafting an item.

Hoe: May be used to clear the top card off of every resource pile.

End of the Game

The player who accumulates the required Game Points first wins!

  • 2-Player Game: 24 points
  • 3-Player Game: 20 points
  • 4-Player Game: 16 points

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