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The job of the traitor is to cause everyone else to lose without getting caught. So, lying about what is on their card will be crucial. Sowing doubt about the motivations of other players is fair game.

Convincing players incorrect block placements are correct is a viable strategy. Calling votes to halt the building is also ok.

The Traitor will act like any other builder, but their card will have the full solution to the puzzle on it. The Hidden Traitor Variant follows all rules as a standard game with one addition; players may call to vote on the identity of the Traitor!

The Traitor lives by three rules:

  1. They may not show their card to other players.

  2. They must follow all rules on their private Restriction card and the Major or Minor Glitch card on the table (if playing at a higher difficulty).

  3. They should not get caught!

Voting on the identity of the Traitor

Players can ask for a vote at any time if they believe they know who the Traitor is, up to 10 seconds after the timer has run out.

Players must stop building the structure when a vote is called, but do not stop the timer (it is still counting down). All players who agree that there should be a vote on the identity of the Traitor raise their hands.

In the case of a tie, or if the majority of players disagree that there should be a vote on the identity of the Traitor, play continues.

If the majority of players agree to a vote on the identity of the Traitor, then the player who called the vote should count down from 3 aloud (3, 2, 1, "point") and on point each player should point at the person they believe is the Traitor.

The traitor must then drop their hand, as their vote does not count.

The player who has the most players pointing at them is accused.

End of the Game

Players Win:

  1. By calling a vote where the solution matches the structure built. OR
  2. By calling a vote and correctly identifying the accused as the Traitor.

Traitor Wins:

  1. If time runs out.
  2. The puzzle solution did not match the structure built.
  3. An incorrect vote on the identity of the Traitor.
  4. A tied vote on the identity of the Traitor.

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