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You are a nice monster with a big appetite for desserts. Each course of the meal, only one monster can eat a dessert and only the right dessert. Spot it before the others to devour it!


  • 34 Game cards
  • 5 Monster cards
  • 6 wooden Dessert tokens
  • 6 stickers
  • 1 die
  • 1 rule sheet

Object of the Game

Be the first monster to eat 5 desserts.


Before your first game, place the stickers on the corresponding wooden pieces.

Each player chooses a monster card and places it in front of himself.

Shuffle the Game cards of the level you want to play (beginner or advanced), place them in a face-down pile in the middle of the table.

Draw 3 cards and place them in a line next to the pile. Place the 6 Dessert pieces so everyone can reach them.

1 = Starting card

Game Play

A game is played over multiple courses. Each course, only one monster can eat only one dessert! You must spot the correct dessert before anyone else. How?

Everyone plays at the same time. Choose a monster to roll the die. The die indicates which dessert is at the beginning of the food chain. Quickly spot this dessert on the Starting card (the card next to the pile).

Follow the licorice line from the dessert you rolled to find the dessert at the other end. Then, find that dessert on the second card and follow the licorice again to find a third dessert.

Do the same for the third card. When you find the final dessert, grab the wooden token that matches that dessert.

The first monster to grab the correct token wins the round.

The winner takes the third card (the one on the right) and places it face-down under his Monster card. As he can see on the back of the card, he just ate one dessert!

Warning: A monster can take only one dessert at a time. If you make a mistake, you're out of the round!

As soon the course is over, place the wooden desserts back on the table.

New Round

Shift the cards in the line to the right. Turn over a card from the pile to be the new Starting card. Roll the die and keep playing!

End of the Game

The game ends as soon as a monster eats a fifth dessert.

Mixing Flavors

You can mix cards from different levels. You can also add more cards to the line.

Double Scoop for 3 Players and More)

This variant allows two monsters to eat a dessert each round. Place two cards (instead of one), one above the other, at the finish line. These two cards can be the same line color or different.

You can finish your path on either card. Therefore, in most rounds, there will be 2 desserts that can be eaten (sometimes, it will be the same dessert).

Warning: You can still take only one dessert each round.

If 2 monsters get their fifth dessert at the same time, play a tiebreaker round between those two monsters.

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