• One 12-sided Target Die
  • Three 6-sided Scoring Dice
  • Two 6-sided Scoring Dice with Pips i, 2 and 3 only
  • Scoring Track (Short Game & Long Game)
  • 6 Game Tokens
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Game-Go Bag

Object of the Game

Be the first player to reach the finish line on the scoring track! To do so, use simple addition and/or subtraction to reach the Target Number.


Note: The first time you play, punch out the six Game Tokens.

  • All players sit in a circle so they can see the dice as they are rolled.

  • Set out the scoring track within reach of all players.

  • Each player chooses a Game Token.

  • Place each player's token at the starting line on the scoring track - for players with more advanced math skills, use the long game track. For beginners, use the shorter track.

Game Play

  1. Players take turns rolling the Target Die and Scoring Dice. Pass all dice to the youngest player to begin.

  2. This player begins by rolling the 12-sided Target Die. The number rolled is the Target Number. In the example below, the Target Number is 5.

  3. The same player then rolls the five 6-sided Scoring Dice to establish five Scoring Numbers. In the example below, the Scoring Numbers are 5,6,1,3 and 2.

  4. Players combine the Scoring Numbers using addition and/or subtraction to match the Target Number exactly. Players may combine as many or as few Scoring Numbers as they wish. Scoring Numbers may be used in any order, and each may be used only once. Players may also use a single Scoring Number by itself if it exactly matches the Target Number.

  5. When a player sees a way to hit the Target Number, s/he calls out, "Math Dice!" That player explains how he/she used the numbers to reach the Target and keeps the dice used until the end ofthe round.

  6. Play continues as players examine the remaining Scoring Dice, calling out, "Math Dice!" ifthey discover another way to hit the Target Number.

  7. When all Scoring Dice have been claimed OR there are no further ways to reach the Target Number, the round is over.

  8. Players score one point for each die they collect during the round. Players advance their tokens along the scoring track, moving one square for each point earned.

  9. The player who rolled first passes all dice to the player on his/her left. The next round begins with a new roller, and play continues from step 2.

End of the Game

The first player to reach the finish line on the scoring track wins!

A short game is played to 7 points and a long game is played to 15 points.

Example: three players might shout out the following...

(Remember, the Target Number is 5 and the Scoring Numbers are 5,6,1,3 and 2).

Player 1 shouts, "Math Dice! 2 + 3 = 5" and removes the dice showing 2 and 3.

Player2shouts",Math Dice! 6 -1 = 5"and removes the dice showing 6 and 1.

Player 3 shouts, "Math Dice! 5" and removes the final remaining die showing 5.

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