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Object of the Game

After both sides of a card have been played, be tahe couple with the highest score.


  • 60 game cards with 480 questions
  • 4 wipe-off game folders,
  • 4 wipe- off markers
  • score board.
  • Instructions


To start,give each man a wipe-off game folder and marker. It is preferable to have men seated together, across from their Matchmates . Choose someone to keep score.Write the initials of each couple at the top of a column.

Game Play

A woman takes a card from the deck and turns it over so that the blue side is face up.

One at a time she reads the four questions out loud, leaving enough time in between for the men to secretly write down their answers.The questions are read in this order: Memory, Personality, Sensuality and Grab bag.

After all answers have been written in the folder by the men, the women are asked the same questions, one at a time and, one at a time, their mates reveal their answers.

The first woman announces her first answer out loud;her mate opens the window of that question and reveals his answer.

Then the first question is asked to the next woman whose mate reveals his answer and so on.

The scorekeeper keeps track of each couple's score as the answers are given and revealed. For the Gentlemen's questions, couples score 5 points for each match and 0 points for no match.

After all four questions have been scored, the women take the game folders and wipe-off marker. Use a paper towel or cloth to wipe off the answers from the first round.

Someone from the men's side turns the game card over to the pink side and one at a time reads the questions out loud, the same way as previously done.

Matches are now worth 10 points and the final Grab bag question is worth 25 points.

End of the Game

After both sides of a card has been played - for a total of eight questions - the scorekeeper adds up the points and the couple with the most points wins.

In case of a tie, tying couples play one side of another card.

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