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Continuous Or Multi-lap Play

When a player's last seed falls in a loaded pit, he scoops it up and continues sowing until either his last seed lands in an empty pit or he makes a capture, either or both, of which, end his turn.

Single Lap Play

A player's turn ends when he sows his last seed.

Different Kinds Of Captures

Cross Capture

Seeds are captured when a last seed falls in an empty pit opposite an opponent's loaded pit.

Specific Count

Seeds are captured when a last seed fall in an opponent's pit with a specific number of seeds in it.

Series Capture

When the seeds of a pit are captured, any immediate pits with a specified number of seeds are also taken.

Pull Across

Seeds captured are then sown on the capturing player's board, using Continuous Play.

Different Ways Of Winning

Winning By Most Captures

The player who captures the most seeds wins.

Winning By Disabling The Opponent

A player wins when his opponent runs out of seeds or cannot make a move.

Winning By Going-empty

A player wins when he runs out of seed and cannot move.

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