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Rating: 8.1 Very Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 20-40 minutes

Official Site: Majesty: For the Realm page

Created by: Marc André, Anne Heidsieck

Published by: Hans im Glück, 999 Games, Arclight

Alternate Names: Majestat: Królewska Korona, MAJESTY La corona por el reino, Majesty: deine Krone, dein Königreich, Majesty: din krona – ditt kungarike, Majesty: Eén Koninkrijk – Eén Kroon


The crown is up for grabs to whoever can build the richest domain and seize it from their rivals. It'll take a whole kingdom's worth of people to accomplish this monumental task. Rally your citizens, grow your power, and reign supreme in Majesty: For the Realm, a game of strategically selecting who you want to work your lands set during the Middle Ages. Each game, you recruit characters to perform jobs that generate gold for your kingdom. Some characters work better with others, opening many paths to victory. Whether you choose to be a silver-tongued monarch who rules with mercy, or an iron-fisted tyrant who crushes their rivals, the fate of the land rests with you.

From the humble Miller to the elegant Noble, all of your loyal subjects will play a decisive role in your new kingdom. Some might grow the food needed to feed your many subjects, while others lead attacks on other kingdoms and weaken your rivals. They all help generate gold in their own way, but your decisions will determine how well they work together. It is up to you to find the combination that helps your kingdom rise while stymying your opponents' efforts. Raise your banners, fill your coffers, and stake your claim for the realm!

Retail Price:$50
Spiel des Jahres Recommended 2018
Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Nominee 2017
Golden Geek Best Card Game Nominee 2017

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In Majesty: For the Realm , you are competing for the crown by establishing the wealthiest realm. To do so, you must enlist the help of your citizens, who bring special skills with them. But you must act with prudence, for your opponents will always be working to snatch the most valuable citizens before you can, and some of your rivals may even be planning to march against your borders...


1A. Location cards have a number and a letter in the bottom-left corner. There are eight locations, each of which has both a side A and a side B. …

A young suitor tries to attract your important characters to his kingdom to collect as much gold as possible. Try to keep your crown to win the game.


Place the 8 location cards numbered from 1 to 8 A faces (or B faces) visible in front of you. Your character cards will be placed below and the character cards of the young suitor will be placed above.

Arrange 8 random green-back characters cards face-up (from left to right) and place the full deck of red-faced character cards face-down on the right side of the 8th card. …

Location Cards: A-side

Reminder: Each Location Card is activated when you place the appropriate Character Card underneath it.

Your Characters only gain points for you, in your own realm. However, the Characters of the other players may gain them points on your turn, if you activate a Character with the black "all players" icon on it.

Also, only unwounded Characters are counted when activating any newly placed Characters. Those in the Infirmary, as well as the "bottom" side of split Character Cards, are not counted. …

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