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  • During the game, there are moments when the players all have their eyes closed.

    It is very important that players do not hear the movements of the other players acting during night.

    If tapping the table is not enough to cover up accidental noises, we suggest playing some background music.

  • The role of the Thief is highly strategic! Remember that in the house with the chest there cannot be the Werewolf, nor the Thief.

    The Thief can use this piece of information to his advantage: by watching which characters are seen by the Burgomaster using his privilege, he can try to identify who is actually the Werewolf.

    And when he is the Burgomaster he has access to both types of information - the houses and the characters. Lupusburg is a game of balance where the Thief is the focal point.

    As a side effect, the Thief may also make the other players lose points by aggressively lynching the characters with the chest... but this is not his primary goal!

  • During the night, the Thief looks at any one house and places it back as it was. If he wants, he may slightly move other houses (without looking at them!) in order to conceal which house he has just visited.

  • A Thief with no living characters does not open his eyes at night.

    If players agree, the Thief can open his eyes, and slightly move some houses, thus making the players believe that he is still alive and visiting houses! Obviously in this case he may not look under the houses!

  • Unlike Lupus In Tabula, in Lupusburg the townsfolk do not make a common front... and should not be sharing all their information! As a matter of fact, the Werewolf wins alone, but if he loses, there will be only one winner among the other players!

    Hence, players should try to make the best use of the information they gather: while in Lupus in Tabula is advisable to eliminate the Werewolf as soon as he is discovered, in Luspuburg it may be better to profit from this information!

    If you are lucky enough to discover a Werewolf early in the game, it is probably a good strategy not to cry it out loud: on the contrary, it might be a good idea to wait before you bet against him, and have the other players waste their seals by betting against innocent players.

    To make a long story short: when you have the Burgomaster's privilege, try not to let the other players find out what you now know: information in Lupusburg gives you a great power!

  • Pay careful attention to the votes of players who have seen some cards. You could gather some useful circumstantial information!

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