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  • 1 Pond-shaped Game Unit
  • 12 Ducks
  • 24 Eye Stickers
  • 16 Shape Stickers
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Be the first player to find all three ducks that match your colorful shape.


Place all 12 ducks on the game unit's blue circular pond so they face in a clockwise direction.

Game Play

Each player chooses a different colorful shape.

This is the colorful shape each player will try to collect. Press the orange button in the center of the pond to turn the game unit on. The ducks will begin to "swim" clockwise around the pond.

The youngest player goes first.

On each turn, a player picks up one duck and looks at the colorful shape sticker 1 on the bottom of that duck. If the sticker's colorful shape matches the colorful shape that player chose, that player gets to keep that duck.

If it doesn't match, that player shows the colorful shape to the rest of the players and places that duck back on the pond.

After a player picks up a duck, whether it matches the colorful shape or not, that player's turn is over. Play passes to the left.

The game ends when one player finds the third duck matches his/her colorful shape.

End of the Game

The first player to find all three of the ducks that match his/her colorful shape wins the game.

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