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  • 210 subject cards
  • 105 category cards
  • 45 second timer
  • 8 pads of paper
  • 8 pencils
  • 8 voting wheels
  • 8 colored chips
  • 1 custom die
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Luck, of the Draw is the drawing game where you don't have to be the best artist to win.

Over the course of several rounds, all players draw impressions of a chosen subject and then vote on whose drawings best fit randomly drawn categories.

The player who collects the most Category cards wins the game.


Give each player a pad of paper, pencil and voting wheel. Place the Subject and Category card boxes along with the die and timer in the middle of the playing area.

Also pick out enough colored chips to match the number of players. (Put extras out of play).

Game Play

Luck of the Draw is played in rounds, each consisting of two phases: 1. Drawing and 2. Voting.

1. Draw

One player selects a card from the Subject box. Another player rolls the die and turns the 4 sand timer. Then everyone k has 45 seconds to draw the subject that matches the number rolled.

'There are no restrictions as to what can or cannot be drawn, other than you can only use one side of one piece of paper.

If you finish drawing before the timer runs out, tear the paper off the pad and place it face down in the center of the playing area.

Otherwise, all remaining players must stop and add their drawings face down to the center when the timer runs out.

2. Vote

One player mixes up the drawings, arranges them face up so that they are clearly visible and randomly places a colored chip on the comer of each.

(This way, they stay anonymous).

Another player rolls the die to determine how many Category cards will be voted on for the round (e.g. 2 = two Category cards). One player draws the first Category card from the Categories box and reads it out loud to the group.

Voting Wheel

Using the Voting Wheels, all players secretly vote on which drawing they feel best fits the category by turning the wheel to the color that matches the chip on their drawing of choice.

When everyone has finished voting, all reveal their Voting Wheels at the same time. The player whose drawing receives the majority of votes wins the Category card.

(Keep won cards face down in front of you). Repeat process if there is more than one Category card in the round.

Voting Notes

  • When voting on more than one category, keep the winners anonymous until the last one has been voted on by placing each won Category card under its respective drawing.

  • You may vote for your own drawing, but only if it is truly deserving!

  • In case two or more drawings tie for most votes, each tied player receives a face down Subject card (green back), which counts as half of a Category card. (In other words, two Subject cards = one Category card).

    Give the drawn Subject card to one of the tied players and distribute any extras from the Subject box. Place the tied Category card in the back of the Categories box.

  • On the rare occasion that all players agree that none of the drawings fit the Category card, place it back in the box and draw a new one.

End of the Game

Play rounds, repeating drawing and voting phases until one player collects enough Category cards to win the game:

PlayersCategory' cards

Remember: Two Subject cards = one Category card.


  • For a longer game, set a higher number of Categoiy cards needed to win before playing.

  • For a speedier game, always vote on two Categoiy cards in every round.

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