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The Bogeymen (Single Player Variant)

You seek riches, power and, most importantly, vengeance. Steal into the nightmare realm of one of the dream world's rulers - the Lords of Nightmare ... the Bogeymen - and escape unharmed with their treasures.


On the back of each Dreamer card is one of four Bogeyman cards, each with different special rules and a different challenge.

Once you have set up your game, take an unused Dreamer card and flip it to its Bogeyman side (it will have the word "Spooks" in the top-right corner), then place that above your Dreamer card.

Note: Dreams in the Spooks rows are called "Spooks".

Populate Spooks

On the Bogeyman card, there are two columns labelled "Spooks" (three on the Lord of the Depths card). These are the Spooks rows.

To begin a game, draw dreams from the bag randomly and, one at a time, place them into the Spooks row from bottom to top, making sure to place them with the correct side facing up (as indicated on each Spooks space). Once all rows are filled, the game begins.

Turn Order (Single Player Variant)

A turn in this variant is the same as in the multiplayer game. You draw, return, roll, resolve, then rest or dream again, with the following changes:

Winning the Game: To win, you must either collect 15 Power or, after the last Spook is moved to your Dreamer card, you must have at least two Power for each Nightmare that has Awakened (see below; this Power can be of any color).

Awakening Nightmares: You cannot become a Nightmare. Instead, if four spaces of any Shadow row are filled when you check for filled rows, return all dreams in that row to the bag. Then take the matching Nightmare and place it above the Bogeyman card. That Nightmare is considered to be "Awakened".

During the "Draw and Select Dreams" step of your turn, you may never return dreams of an Awakened Nightmare's color to the bag (even if this means returning fewer than two dreams).

If the matching Nightmare was already Awakened, you lose the game.

Shadows of Envy: Since there is no "next player", when you resolve a of Envy, you must instead reroll the first dream in your Power row.

Resting: Whenever you choose (or are forced) to Rest, you must move two Spooks from the bottom Spooks row onto your Dreamer card. Put them in the row matching their face; eg, if they show a face they must go to your Shadow row. These are not "resolved" (they are moved) and so do not activate effects.

Note: The Lord of the Depths has three Spooks in each row. You must move two onto your card if possible and then return the excess Spook to the bag.

Rerolling Spooks: The key to winning is to reroll your Spooks to get rid of them before they can be moved to your Dreamer card. To reroll Spooks:

  • Pick a color and spend a or of that color (placing it into the bag).

  • Pick up any number of Spooks of that color, so long as all of those Spooks are adjacent to each other. (Diagonal Spooks are not adjacent to each other).

  • You may choose not to pick up a Spook (eg, if it is showing a face you may not want to) but then you may not use it to pick up adjacent Spooks of its color.

  • Roll all of the picked up Spooks. (Note that you may not reroll these by spending Power - they are not "unresolved" dreams).

  • Return any and rolled to the bag.

  • Place any, and rolled back in the Spooks rows, filling the gaps from bottom to top and keeping them on the face that they rolled (ie, if you roll a Spook and it lands on then you must return it to the Spooks rows -side up).

  • Then shift all Spooks down until no gaps remain. If there is ever a gap in the Spooks row (eg, the Lady of Primeval Fear removes two), you must shift all Spooks down until no gaps remain.

You may reroll Spooks as many times as you like, as long as you pay each time, and follow all of the above steps. You may only reroll Spooks after the "Roll and Resolve Dreams" step of your turn.

Hard Mode

For an added challenge, each Bogeyman comes with an additional Hard Mode.

At the bottom, in the middle, is a paragraph beginning with "HARD". This adds additional challenges to the single player game if you are finding it too easy.

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