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The Lords of Waterdeep employ Agents of various organizations to accomplish their ends. These Agents correspond to player colors in the game.

City Guard

Waterdeep is defended by its own army of soldiers, who patrol the city and the surrounding countryside. The City Guard also provides bodyguards for Piergeiron the Paladinson and for visiting dignitaries.

Knights of the Shield

Posing as a consortium of merchants and nobles, the Knights of the Shield in fact deal in information. The organization's influence stretches along the Sword Coast and far inland.


The Harpers were founded ages ago by elven leaders, with the counsel of the legendary wizard Elminster. This secret society fights for individual freedom while balancing the needs of civilization and nature.

Red Sashes

Vigilantes who protect the poorest parts of Waterdeep, the Red Sashes are masters of intrigue. They hide those who need to escape and find those who wish to stay hidden.


These devoted champions of the moon goddess, Selûne, tirelessly work for freedom and peace, even between longstanding enemies. They despise slavery and abhor the undead.

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