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Each Clan has a game-altering power written sideways on the left side of the card. When you play a card face-up during a muster action, you may activate its Clan power if, and only if, there are no other face-up Followers in the skirmish with a LOWER strength at that time. Most effects need to be resolved immediately after activation.

Some powers, on the other hand, only take effect at the end of the round. If activated, turn these cards sideways to show they have been activated. Once activated, these powers will take effect even if another Follower with a lower strength than yours is played afterward.

However, the effect will occur for you only if you control the Follower at the end of the round and if the Follower remains in play. If, unfortunately, your Follower belongs to another player's army at the end of the round, then its effect will occur for that player instead.

Cards which are played face-down do not activate their powers.

Immediate Powers

Cockburn - Swap with a Supporter

When this card activates, you put it as a Supporter and then take a different Supporter card and place it in front of you.

The card in front of you is now a Follower in your army and is thus counted towards your strength at the end of the round, while the card you put as a Supporter is not part of your army (it is a Supporter).

Fergusson - Swap With Another Follower

Put this card in an opponent's army and take one of their Followers into your army. If you take a face-down card it remains face-down in your army.

Forsyth - Draw a Card

Take the top card of the draw pile and add it to your hand.

Makgill - Muster Another Follower

Play another card from your hand to become a Follower in your army.

This card may activate if the conditions are met and you choose to activate it. If you play another Makgill and it can activate, you may play another card and so on.

Scott - Copy Another Follower's Power

Copy the face-up power of any Follower.

If you copy a Clan with an end-of-round power, use the matching Clan token and place it on the activated Scott card to remind players which Clan power was copied.

This card copies the Clan Cochrane power. At the end of the round, the player will thus be able to claim two supporters.

Wemyss - Discard Another Follower

Discard a Follower from any army.

End-of-round Powers

Bruce - Any Clan

When activated, Clan Bruce cards are considered to be part of any Clan you wish at the end of the round. This helps strengthen armies and double their value.

It does not gain the powers of the other Clans.

Cochrane - Claim Two Supporters

At the end of the round, when it is your turn to claim Supporters, take two instead of one.

If you are the last player to choose and there is only one Supporter, take it. If you are not the last one, this means that the last player will not receive any Supporters

Macdonnell - Keep For Another Round

When the round ends, this card is not discarded but remains in play for the next round. Its power, however, cannot be activated again.

After its first round, straighten it to show its power is no longer active.

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