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Ah, the great pyramids! Full of treasures, just waiting for you! It would be easier without the other explorers waking up the Guardians and sending them after you. But you are quick and clever, so it shouldn't be a problem, right?


  • 54 Room cards (12 red, 18 ye2-4and 24 green)
  • 12 Scoring tokens
  • 1 Rules sheet

Object of the Game

Get the most points by looting treasures and running out of the pyramid. You can do this by collecting your own treasures or by waking up guardians and taking another player's treasures while they're distracted!


Each player chooses two matching Scoring tokens. Place one on the 0 space of the scoring track (inside the box). Keep the second one in front of you as a reminder. Shuffle all Room cards. Split them into 2 equal decks. Leave space for a discard pile.

The player who last saw a B-movie mummy goes first.

Game Play

On your turn, do only one of the 3 following actions. When your action is done, play passes in clockwise order. You can look at your cards at any time, but always keep them face-down until revealed.

1. Loot

You must do this action if you have no cards in front of you.

Draw the top card from either deck. Look at it secretly (don't show it to the others) and place it in front of you. Don't cover any of your other cards.

2. Run

Reveal all of your cards. Count the number of treasure symbols on them, and score them by moving your token that many spaces on the score track. Ignore guardians and amulets-just move your token.

Bonus! If a treasure type is on two or more cards, you score double for that type of treasure!

You can double more than one treasure type in a Run action (cups and chests, for instance), but a single treasure type cannot be tripled or quadrupled if it is on 3 or 4 cards.

Then discard all your cards.

3. Awaken

You must have at least one card to do this (except with 2 players). Reveal all cards in front of a player of your choice. Count the number of amulets and the number of guardians revealed.

If the number of amulets is equal to or more than the number of guardians, the player escapes! He immediately scores and discards his cards as though he took a Run action.


Amulets have NO EFFECT if guardians outnumber them.

If there are more guardians than amulets, the player is caught! He discards all cards, and you get a benefit for each type of guardian revealed (see below).

  • Mummy

    Immediately score that player's cards as though you took a Run action with his cards!

  • Werewolf

    Draw 1 card from each pile. Keep the ones you like. Discard the others.

  • Frank

    Play one extra turn.

You get each type of guardian's benefit only once, no matter how many you reveal. If you find more than one type of guardian, first resolve the Mummy, then the Werewolf, and finally Frank.

Example: You revealed 1 amulet and 3 guardians (1 Werewolf + 2 Franks) in front of another player. Since this is more guardians than amulets, you get the benefit of the Werewolf and the Frank, in that order.

Draw 2 cards and keep 0, 1, or 2 of those. Then play a new turn with an action of your choice. Remember, you only get a guardian's benefit once, so you play only one extra turn.

End of the Game

As soon as one player reaches 35 points (or 30 points with 6 players), all players reveal and score their remaining cards. The player with the most points wins!

In case of a tie, all tied players share the victory.

Other Rules

Card backs can give you a hint about how likely a room is to have a guardian. There is 1 guardian out of 4 green rooms, 1 guardian out of 3 yellow rooms, and 1 guardian out of 2 red rooms. Of course, tougher rooms have much more treasure!

If either deck is empty before a player ends the game, reshuffle the remaining deck and discard pile to form two new decks.

2 Players

With 2 players, you don't need any cards to do the Awaken action. This is the only difference with the 3 or more player game.

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