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The advanced setup offers a new way to play the game, with each crew having unique starting conditions and a trait from the Roll Player universe. Can you prove victorious as the Obnoxious Insectoids, the Greedy Goblins, or the Nimble Gnolls?

Follow the setup instructions for the standard game, but with the following changes:

  1. Players start on the "0" space of the reputation track instead of the "10" space.

  2. Players do not automatically start with any power cubes.

  3. Players use the advanced side of their chosen crew board (side B).

    • Gain any starting bonuses indicated in the advanced setup box of the crew board.

    • Take the number of starting power cubes and suspicion cubes indicated on the crew board. (The Goblins and Kobolds do not start the game with any power cubes).

    • The resource storage limit may be different.

  4. Once the goal cards have been drawn and the first player has been determined, shuffle the deck of trait cards and deal two cards to each player.

  5. Starting with the player last in initial turn order and proceeding counter-clockwise, each player chooses one of the trait cards they were dealt, placing it face up next to their crew board. Each player immediately gains any starting bonuses shown on their chosen trait card.

  6. Return the unchosen trait cards, along with the rest of the trait deck, to the game box.

Note: If a player receives a goon card as a starting bonus, they also immediately gain any special effect and/or valuable shown on that goon card.

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