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  • 25 containers cards
  • 5 stop cards
  • 180 garbage Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.


At the center of the table

Shuffle all containers + stop cards into 1 deck. Place this deck in the center of the table faced down.

Shuffle all garbage cards into 1 deck and place it faced down, at the center of the table. New garbage cards are handed out to players from this deck.

For each Player

Each player receives 5 garbage cards randomly, that will hold in his hand, away from other players' hands.

Next to each player, during the game, place face up all the garbage cards that that player failed to recycle (worthing negative points) and all the container cards gained by that player (worthing positive points).

The youngest player around the table will be the 1st to play.

Each time the 1st player changes, it will change to the next player to the left (clockwise).

Game Play

Draw 1 card from the containers and stop cards deck and place it face up in the center of the table.

  1. If it is a container card:

    (of any color and with any number)

    1st player bets any number of same color garbage cards from it's hand, in order to gain that container card. To bet, simply take the cards out from your hand and place them faced up in the table, in front of you. Other players, clockwise, decide if they want to bet.

    A player can only bet if it raises by at least 1 the highest bet on the table. Betting can continue for any number of rounds around the table until all players pass.

    The player who bet the highest number of garbage cards wins that bet. It means he managed to recycle his garbage cards. These are placed faced up next to the deck GARBA- GE cards. The player keeps the container card next to him.

    The garbage cards bet by other players (who lost the bet) are placed faced up in front of each player. This means these players were unable to recycle those garbage cards, which cannot come back to play. At the end of the game, all non-recycled cards will worth -1 point each.

    It is not mandatory for a player to bet. One can pass in a 1st round and come back to bet- ting in a 2nd if there is a 2nd round. There is no limit to the cards a player can bet.

    If no player bets on a given container card, this card will remain in the drawn containers cards pile, facing up. It won't be used again.

    A new container card is drawn.

  2. If it is a stop card:

    Each player receives immediately 5 new garbage cards and the 1st player to bet will be the one on the left to the last starting player. This happens always, no matter the stop card is the 1st or the last card to be drawn, or that 2 or more stop cards are drawn in a row.

    Players will just accumulate the garbage cards. There is no limit to the number of garbage cards a player can hold.

    If a player spends all his garbage cards, he will have to wait for a stop card to come out in order to receive new garbage cards and then come back to betting.

    If ALL players spend all their garbage cards, hand out immediately 5 new garbage cards to everyone. 1st player changes.

End of the Game

The game ends when the last card (container or stop) is drawn from the pile containers and stop cards. Each player counts its points.

Each container card will worth the respective number of points (positive), and each garbage card in his possession (in his hand or in front of him, non-recycled) worths -1 point.

The players with the highest score wins.


Player total at the end of the game: 9 points

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