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Far, far away beyond the farthest mountains, there exists a rich and bountiful land yet to be explored. This region overflowing with riches is the ideal place to begin building a beautiful city.

To do so, you will need to gather resources to begin your first building, then add another, and another; until a magnificent city is brought forth! Do you have what it takes to be an ambitious and talented architect?


  • 1 game board
  • 29 Building tiles
  • 15 Objective cards
  • 20 Worker tokens
  • 60 Resource cubes
  • 1 First Player token
  • 1 Round token
  • 28 House tokens
  • 4 Victory Point pawns
  • 24 Coin tokens
  • 4 "60"tokens
  • 1 Gameplay aid
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

During each turn, place a worker onto the board. Gather the nearby resources and activate the neighboring buildings, or build new buildings.

Position yourself with care, build in the best places, and anticipate your opponents' choices to benefit from all possible situations and emerge victorious!

Build the town according to your ideas and prove that you are the greatest architect.


1 Place the game board in the center of the table facing up. Pick a side of the game board you wish to play.

2 Place the 5 Wheat Field building tiles in a stack in the Market. Shuffle the other Building tiles, take 12 of them randomly, and place these on each open spot in the Market.

3 Shuffle and distribute the Objective cards face down to each player.

4 Each player chooses one color and places all Worker and House of that color as well as the Victory Point pawn in front of them.

5 Place your Victory Point pawn on the 0 space on the Score track.

6 Place the Round token on the 1 space on the Round track.

7 Place the Resource cubes, the Coin tokens, and the 60 tokens near the board to make up the reserve.

8 Each player takes 3 Coins and places them in front of themselves in full view.

9 The first player is chosen randomly. Once the first player has been determined, place the First Player token in front of them.


Certain Objective cards include the symbol, which means that they can only be accomplished if certain Building tiles are available in the market.

If an Objective card with this symbol would be impossible to accomplish, discard it and draw another one.

Game Play

The game is played in 4 Rounds.

Each player in turn, clockwise, starting with the first player, performs one of the following actions:

  1. Gather and Activate
  2. Build a Building

Each of these actions requires a Worker. A Round is over once all players have placed all of their workers.

1. Gather and Activate

On your turn, you may choose to place an unused Worker on the game board. It can only be placed on an empty grass space.

Any spaces already containing a Worker token or a Building tile are not considered to be empty as well as the forest, mountain, and lake spaces.

A worker gathers Resources and can activate Buildings in the 8 adjacent spaces (including diagonals).

Gather Resources

The forest, mountain, and lake spaces allow you to gather Wood , Stone and Fish respectively.

You may gather Resources in any order you choose. Take resources from the reserve and place them in front of you. When there are no more Resources (or ), you cannot gather more.

When a type of terrain extends over more than one space, consider each space separately for determining the number of Resources you gather.

Activate a Building

If you place a Worker adjacent to one or more Buildings tiles (including diagonally), you may activate them and benefit from their Effects.

If the Building that you want to activate belongs to another player, you must first pay them 1 before applying its Effect. You are never forced to activate a Building tile.

A Building tile may only be activated once per Worker, meaning that you can only benefit from its effect once per activation.

Buildings have two types of effects that can be activated:

  • Gain a resource , or

    On the left, the Pier allows you to gain 2 Fish . On the right, the Gold Mine allows you to gain 2 .

  • Exchange resources or for resources, , or

    Building tile on the left contains a Shop which lets you switch 2 Resource cubes for 2 different Resource cubes of your choice.

    On the right, the Restaurant lets you exchange 1 Fish , 1 Wheat for 4 .

    You can activate the Effects of different Buildings in whatever order you choose.

2. Build a Building

To build a Building, follow these steps in order:

1. Place one of your unused Workers onto the Construction Site area (the construction area may hold any number of Workers).

2 Choose a Building tile from those available in the Market.

3 To pay for the construction of a building use as many Resource cubes and/or Coins e as needed. Place your payment in the reserve.

4 Place the Building tile on an empty grass space on the game board.

5 Once the tile has been placed, place one of your House tokens onto the tile to show your ownership.

6 Move your Victory Point pawn on the Score track up as many spaces as the number of shown on the Building tile.

In order to build the Bam you must spend 4 Wood . After placing it onto the game board, place one of your Houses onto the upper left portion of the tile.

Now move your Victory Point pawn up 6 spaces on the Score track.

If you don't have enough Resources, Coins or House tokens you cannot build a building.

Additional Actions

In addition to placing a Worker during your turn, you may also at any time complete an Objective card or exchange Coins for Resource cubes

Complete an Objective Card

At the beginning of the game, you receive a certain number of Objective cards that can direct your strategy.

At any time you can complete one of these Objective cards if you fulfill the conditions indicated on it. Announce this completion and reveal the Objective card.

Gain the corresponding immediately.

There is no penalty if an Objective card is not completed by the end of the game.

Substituting Coins for Resources

At any time during the game, you may exchange 3 for any Resource cube in the reserve.

You may take this action as many times as needed, but only if you immediately spend all of the substituted Resources.

End of the Round

Once all of the players have used all of their Workers, the Round is over.

Follow these steps in order:

  1. Activate the Effects of Special Buildings

    The Effects of certain Buildings, (for instance the Residence and the Cathedral), only activate at the end of each Round. Their owners may now activate them for free and benefit from their Effects. The symbol is to remind you of this type of Effect.

  2. Feed the Workers

    At the end of each round, all the players must feed their workers. Starting with the first player, everyone discards the same amount of food Resource (Fish and/or Wheat |p) as Worker.

    For each Worker that you cannot feed, lose 3 . Move your Victory Point pawn back 3 spaces on the Score track for each unfed Worker It is possible to have negative Victory Points if you descend below the 0 space.

  3. Prepare for the Next Round

    Prepare for the next Round:

    1. Each player picks up their workers (the House tokens and the Building tiles stay in place).

    2. Move the Round token up one space.

    3. Pass the First Player token to the next player clockwise.


    In a 3-player game, and only for the 4th Round, pass the First Player token to the player with the fewest .

    If there is a tie, pass it to the 1st of the tied players going clockwise from the last player to have the token. If all 3 players are tied, pass the token as normal.

    The player with the First Player token begins the new Round.

    The 4th Round is the last Round. Once this Round is completed proceed to the End of the Game section.

End of the Game

Each player adds the following to the already gained over the course of the game:

  • The from the Castle and the Watchtower, as appropriate:
  • 1 for each set of 3 in your possession.

Add these to your total on the Score track.

The player with the most is declared victorious. If there is a tie. the tied players share the victory.

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