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  • Decoy

    Playing a card that can be easily snatched (e.g., a single, low-numbered card), may give you the opportunity to draw a better card from the card row.

  • Everything Counts In Large Amounts

    Lower-numbered cards are often easy to collect. By playing several of them at once (e.g., six deuces), they won't be easily snatched.

  • Homestretch

    Keep an eye on how many cards your neighbors have in their hands. The game can be over faster than you think! On the home stretch, you should try to avoid picking up snatched cards...

  • Snatching

    Snatching your neighbors' cards is usually a good idea: the fewer cards they have in their stack at the end of the game, the fewer points they'll get. And if you pick them up and stack them yourself, you'll get the points!

Hints not to forget!

  1. Snatching is not voluntary. If all the conditions are met, the stacked cards must be snatched!

  2. Cards can be snatched even with single cards.

  3. Cards can be snatched as early as the first round (beginning with the second player).

  4. Each player only plays a card/cards once per turn.

  5. Only the active player can snatch cards.

  6. Only the uppermost cards in the stack can be snatched.

  7. Snatched cards end up in the current player's hand, the robbed player's hand, or in the discard pile. They never stay in the player's stack.

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