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Leo the lion definitely has to go to the barber, since his mane is literally growing over his head. So he sets out for Bobo's barbershop. But Leo dawdles, since he likes to have a chin wag with the other animals he encounters along the way. Keep in mind what animals he meets and bring him cooperatively to the barber before his mane grows too long!


  • 30 path tiles
  • 20 movement cards
  • 1 starting tile (Leo's bed)
  • 1 destination tile (Bobo's barber chair)
  • 1 snap fastener
  • 5 puzzle pieces (Leo's mane)
  • 1 clock
  • 1 wooden figure (Leo)

Object of the Game

Leo goes to the barber is a cooperative game. Players try cooperatively to bring Leo to Bobo's barbershop before it closes in the evening. They have up to 5 days to accomplish this. In the first days, they become familiar with the route and try to memorise it.

But in order to win, they need to bring Leo to the barber by the evening of the 5th day, at the latest.


Before the first game, carefully punch all the pieces out of the die-cut sheets. Then use the snap fastener to connect the hour hand to the clock, as shown in the illustration on the right.

Attention: Once the snap fastener has been attached, you won't be able to open it anymore!

  • Put the starting tile with the bed in the middle of the table and place the wooden Leo figure on it.
  • Mix all path tiles face down, i.e., with the jungle side facing up. Beginning from the starting tile, players lay out the path tiles, thus forming a path that can run in any way. It may have any number of curves, but no branching off.
  • Place the destination tile (showing Bobo's barber chair) at the end of the path.
  • Put the puzzle piece with Leo's head next to the starting tile, and the remaining mane parts next to that as a supply.
  • The player with the shortest hair puts the clock in front of him and sets the hour hand to 8 o'clock.
  • The player with the longest hair becomes the starting player.
  • Shuffle the movement cards face down and, beginning with the starting player, deal all of them, in turn, to the players. Each player takes his cards into his hand so that the front sides cannot be seen by the others.

Attention: In the 3-player game, there will be 2 cards left over; just distribute these cards to the next two players, who will then have 1 card more in their hands for this round.

Example of a set-up for 4 players:

Game Play

One Day

Play proceeds clockwise. The starting player begins.

On your turn, you play 1 card of your choice from your hand and put it face up in front of you. After that, you move Leo as many steps forward along the path as the value on the just-played card indicates.

You turn over the path tile where Leo ends up, without changing the order of the tiles. Place Leo next to this tile, so that all players can easily see it.

Now, there are 3 possibilities:

  1. The path tile shows an animal, and the colour does not match the colour of the just-played card: Oh dear! Leo loses precious time. The hand of the clock is moved ahead as many hours as the number in the clock symbol on the path tile indicates.

  2. The path tile shows an animal, and the colour matches the colour of the just-played card: Lucky you! Leo doesn't lose any time. The clock hand is not moved ahead.

  3. The path tile shows a signpost: Lucky you! Leo doesn't lose any time. The clock hand is not moved ahead.

After players have checked whether the clock hand has to be moved or not, you put Leo back on the tile that was just turned over; the tile remains in place, face up. Then the next player (in clockwise order) has his turn.

End Of The Day

As soon as the hand of the clock reaches or passes 8 o'clock again, Bobo's barbershop is closed and Leo has to try again the next day. Prepare for the new day as follows:

  • Put Leo back on the starting tile.
  • Leo's mane has grown; therefore, the players add any other mane piece from the supply to Leo's head.
  • Set the hand of the clock to 8 o'clock.
  • The player who would have had the next turn at the end of the previous day becomes the new starting player.
  • Shuffle all movement cards, as described above (under "Set-up"), and deal them out to the players.
  • During the preparation for the new day, players try to thoroughly memorise the face-up path tiles. After that, the tiles are turned back to their jungle side, without changing their order.

A New Day

After the preparations have been completed, a new day begins; it proceeds as described above.

Now the players know a bit more about the tiles along the path to the barber. They can make use of this knowledge in order to play cards that allow them to land on color-matching path tiles and thus not lose any time.

General rule: Players may give tips to one another as to what card would be best to play, and share their knowledge of the path tiles. But ultimately, the player whose turn it is should make his own decision what card to play.

End of the Game

The game ends immediately in one of the following two ways:

  1. Leo moves onto Bobo's barber chair before the clock hand reaches or passes 8 o'clock again within one day.

    Made it! Leo has arrived at the barber in time, and the players win.

    Attention: Leo doesn't have to reach the destination exactly. In order to move Leo to the destination, you can also play a card with a higher value than necessary.

  2. After Leo's mane has been completed during the preparation of the 5th day, the players still don't manage on the 5th day to get him to the barber in time. In this case, the players unfortunately lose and immediately start a new game in order to finally bring Leo to the barber.

Attention: It is possible to win the game as early as the 1st day. If players manage to do this, they have had a good deal of luck and should immediately try again.


Too Difficult

To make the game a bit easier, players may put their hand cards in front of them, face up. They are allowed to determine cooperatively what card would be best for the active player to play.

Too Easy

1. To make the game a bit harder, players may not talk to each other at the beginning of each new day. Only when Leo has landed on a path tile with a parrot are they allowed to talk and give hints to one another until the end of the day.

2. To make the game even more difficult, players may not move directly onto the destination tile. First, they have to stop on the last path tile before Bobo's barber chair, regardless of the value of the card played.

They turn the tile over and check (as usual) whether the clock hand has to be moved or not. If it is still earlier than 8 o'clock, then the players win.

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