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Lemonade for sale! It's a hot day and everyone's thirsty. Luckily, you and your teammates have the freshest lemonade stand in town! Work together to shake up those lemonade drinks, serve those thirsty customers and fill your money jar!


  • 5 ingredient dice
  • 1 dice cup
  • 12 customer cards
  • 4 sour lemon tokens
  • 12 quarter tokens
  • 1 recipe card
  • 1 money jar scoreboard
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To serve enough customers lemonade drinks to earn 12 quarters before you get 4 sour lemon tokens.


  • Shuffle the customer cards and lay them face up in a 3 x 4 grid.

  • Place the dice in the cup and put it where everyone can reach it.

  • Place the recipe card out so that everyone can see it.

  • Set the quarter tokens, sour lemon tokens, and money jar score board next to the grid of customer cards.

Game Play

The goal of each turn is to serve one customer a drink by rolling the dice and matching those dice to the recipe card. You have three rolls to try to get the right combination of ingredients.

If you succeed in serving a customer, you earn quarters for the money jar. If you can't make a recipe on your turn, one customer gets covered with a sour lemon token.

The person who drank lemonade most recently goes first. Play moves clockwise.

Roll the Dice

Place the ingredient dice in the plastic cup. Shake them up and roll them out.

Make a Drink

Look at the recipe card and the dice you just rolled and decide as a group which drink you would like to try to make.

To make it easy to see which ingredients you have and which ones you need, place the dice on the recipe card-or simply move the dice you are keeping to the side.

If you did not complete the recipe on the first roll, roll again. You may decide to keep some dice and roll the rest or reroll all of the dice.

If you've completed the recipe on the first roll, you're done! Choose any customer card that is showing the drink that you've made and flip it over.

Example: This player is trying to make lemonade.

You can roll a total of 3 times to try to complete a recipe.

Earn Quarters

Once you've completed a recipe, you can serve a thirsty customer and earn quarters! Choose any customer card that is showing the drink that you made and flip it over in its spot in the grid.

The back of each customer card shows the number of quarters you earn for that drink. Put that number of quarter tokens onto the money jar scoreboard. A lemonade is worth 1 quarter, a strawberry lemonade is worth 2 quarters, and a limeade is worth 3 quarters.

Flip card over to see how many quarters you've earned.

End of the Game

If, as a team, you fill your money jar with 12 quarters before you get 4 sour lemon tokens, you all win! If you get 4 sour lemons before the money jar is filled, you lose. Shake it up and try again!

Sour Lemon Token

What if you don't make a drink?

If you can't make a drink in 3 rolls, place a sour lemon token on ANY one of the customers still waiting to be served. It's your choice which customer you want to place the sour lemon on.

After a customer has a sour lemon token, that customer cannot be served unless the sour lemon token is removed.

How to remove a sour lemon token

Players decide together to try to remove one sour lemon token. On a turn, try to roll three sugars instead of rolling for a drink.

If you roll three sugars, remove one sour lemon token from ANY one customer. That turn is over and it's the next player's turn.

If you are not successful in rolling three sugars, you must place another sour lemon token on any customer-decide as a team who gets the sour lemon token.

If you get 4 sour lemon tokens, the game is over.

Shake Up your Own

Make your own Lemonade, Strawberry, or Lemon-Lime Shake Up drinks at home. Each recipe serves one person.

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