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How Do I Get Money

Money (identified by the coin symbol) is used to buy buildings and ships, to repay loans, as a substitute for food and, last but not least, to win the game. The currency is called Francs.

  • The "Francs" Offer space supplies Francs.
  • In the Joinery, 1-3 wood can be sold for 5-7 Francs.
  • Subsidies (½ Franc per good) are paid in the Smokehouse, Bakery and Brickworks, as well as in the Tannery and Cokery (1 Franc per good).
  • The Shipping Line allows players to ship goods - the quantity depends on the ships that the player owns.
  • Goods can be sold using the Bridge over the Seine (only recommended towards the end of the game).
  • The Zoo and Plant Nursery Special buildings supply money; goods can be sold in a further 15 of the 36 Special buildings.
  • Buildings and Ships can be sold for half their value at any time.

Note: A player can only take out a loan if she or he does not have enough food during a Feeding phase or if she or he cannot pay required Interest costs.

How Do I Get Energy

Energy (identified by the light bulb symbol) is used for processing many upgrades.

  • There is wood (1 energy) on the "Wood" Offer space.Wood is upgraded to charcoal (3 energy) at the Charcoal Kiln.
  • There are 3-4 coal (3 energy each) in the Colliery.
  • Coal is upgraded to coke (10 energy) in the Cokery.
  • Any 1 good may be exchanged for 1 charcoal (3 energy) in the Business Office.
  • Players can often receive 2 wood from the Black Market.
  • The Special buildings include the Smelter, which provides 1 coke and 1 coal for a total of 13 energy, the Town Square, which contains 1 coke and 1 charcoal for a total of 13 energy, the Coal Trader, where players can exchange food for energy, the Labor Exchange, where players receive 1 coal for each hammer, and the Wind Farm, which saves 3 energy on each action.

How Do I Get Food

Food (identified by the cooking pot symbol) is used to feed the workers and to pay entry costs.

  • Note: food can always be replaced by money.
  • Fish (1 food each) are found on the "Fish" Offer space.
  • The Fishery supplies fish (1 food each) and the Black Market may supply 2 fish.
  • Fish are upgraded to smoked fish (2 food each) in the Smokehouse.
  • Grain is upgraded to bread (2 food each) in the Bakehouse.
  • Cattle are upgraded to meat (3 food each) when they are sent to the Abattoir. Note: Grain and cattle are not worth any food until they are upgraded.
  • The Grocery Market contains 8 food as well as 1 grain and 1 cattle.
  • The Church contains 13 food (towards the end of the game).
  • The Special Buildings include the Hunting Lodge (9 food), Furriery (convert hides to 2 food each) and Town Square (up to 7 food).

How Do I Get Iron

Iron is required for building Iron ships and some buildings. Iron can be upgraded to steel.

  • There is iron on the "Iron" Offer space.
  • There are 3-4 iron in the Ironworks.
  • 1 iron can be taken from the Marketplace.
  • There is 1 iron in the Hardware Store.
  • There are 2 iron in the Black Market, if the "Iron" Offer space is empty.
  • The Special buildings include the Iron Mine and Coal Seam, which supplies 2 iron, and the Smelter, which supplies 1.

How Do I Get Steel

Steel is required for building Steel ships and Luxury liners, as well as to build the Bank. Players can use the Shipping Line to ship steel for 8 Francs.

  • Iron is upgraded to steel in the Steel Mill (requires 5 energy for each steel).
  • The Special buildings include the Steelworks, which upgrades 1 iron and 15 energy to 2 steel.
  • Any 4 goods may be exchanged for 1 steel in the Business Office.
  • Players can substitute steel for iron if iron is required for building.

How Do I Get Brick

Brick is required to upgrade the wharves and to build many of the buildings.

  • There is 1 brick in the Hardware Store.
  • Clay is fired to brick in the Brickworks (requires ½ energy per brick)
  • The Special buildings include the Kiln, which upgrades 1 clay and 1 energy to 3 bricks. Players can also receive 1 brick in the Town Square.
  • The owner of the Masons' Guild saves 1 brick each time he builds. If clay is required for building, players can substitute brick for clay.
  • Any 1 good may be exchanged for 1 brick in the Business Office.

What Can I Do With Leather

Players produce hides when they slaughter their cattle. Hides are upgraded to leather in the Tannery. Leather can be sold for profit (4 Frances for each leather) using the Shipping Line.

Leather is produced in the Tannery. It can be sold for profit (4 Francs for each leather) using the Shipping Line. There are also four Special buildings that allow leather to be sold (Clothing Industry, Furriery, Leather Industry and Furniture Factory). Even converting hides to leather is profitable (1 Franc for each leather). Even if the leather is only sold through the Bridge over the Seine, it can still be worthwhile to use the Tannery.

Which Building Actions Should I Use Towards The End Of The Game

Remember: Buildings may not be bought during the Final Stage.

  • The Bridge over the Seine, to sell any goods that are no longer required.
  • The Steelworks, to produce steel for Steel ships and Luxury Liners.
  • The Wharf, to build Steel ships and Luxury Liners.
  • The Shipping Line, to ship goods.
  • The Craftsman's buildings, to build the valuable Town Hall, Bank and Church.
  • The Joinery, to earn another 7 Francs.
  • Other Special buildings that allow for money to be earned.

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