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A fresh take on the classic Last Letter game! 61 clever illustrations allow for countless interpretations and a unique experience each time you play. A fast, fun game that will inspire creativity, laughter and quick thinking!


  • 61 Illustrated Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to get rid of your cards.


Shuffle all of the cards and deal five cards face-down to each player. Place one card face-up in the center of the table to create the Discard Pile. The remaining cards can be put aside for future games.

Sample Cards

Game Play

  1. When all players are ready, the dealer looks at the card in the Discard Pile and calls out a word that represents something pictured on that card-e.g. "Peek!"

  2. All players (including the dealer) now look at their five cards and race to find something pictured on any of them that begins with the last letter of the word just called.

    If the word was "Peek" players will need to think of a word that begins with the letter "K"-e.g. "Knight".

  3. Once a player finds an acceptable word pictured on one of their five cards, he or she calls out the word and places the corresponding card on top of the Discard Pile. All players now look to find a word that starts with this new last letter.

  4. If two or more players call out an acceptable word at the same time, the first of those players to place their card on the Discard Pile wins the tie. All other players involved in the tie must keep their cards.

  5. The game continues until one player discards his or her last card. This player is the winner!

Acceptable & Unacceptable Words

  • The same word can only be used once per game!

  • Specific Objects are acceptable-e.g. "sun", or "necklace", or "eggs".

  • Actions are acceptable-e.g. "running", "eat", or "think", but only if someone or something in the image is clearly pictured doing the action.

  • Categorical Words are acceptable-e.g. in reference to a lion, the words "predator", "mammal", or "carnivore".

  • Emotions or Other Similar Concepts are acceptable (if the picture represents them in an obvious way).

    e.g. a lion has a thorn in his paw and shows an expression of pain. Players might call out "hurt", "anguish", or "suffering".

  • A word that is not accurately pictured is not acceptable.

    e.g., if a character is shown with no particular expression a player, cannot assign an emotion ("happy") or give the character a name ("Josh").

  • In all cases, players decide what words are acceptable. In the event of a disagreement, the game is paused and players vote. The dealer's vote can be used to break any ties.


  • For an additional creative challenge, try changing the Acceptable Words rules, such as "No Colors", "Only Action Words", "Nothing That a Human is Doing" or "Only Adjectives".

  • Last Letter can be a great vocabulary builder for foreign languages as well. Try playing using only word in French, or only Spanish, or any other language you want to practice.

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