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  • 56 guess cards (in seven colors, each numbered 1 to 8)
  • 7 word boards
  • 156 task cards with topics
  • 8 number cards
  • 48 scoring chips
  • 64 letter tokens
  • Rulebook

You can use the 9 blank task cards to add your own topics! Just write them on the cards and shuffl e them with the others. If you don't want to play with them, just put them back into the box.

Object of the Game

GARBUNA? What is that!? An Australian marsupial? A brand of candy bar? A very rare disease-or perhaps someone remarkably smart?

Nobody knows-and that is why this crazy word creation game is so much fun. Will you create the funniest words? And will you successfully guess the most words created by your fellow players?

The player with most points after six rounds wins the game.


Each player receives the following items in his or her chosen color:

  • 6 to 8 guess cards (see below for details);
  • 1 word board

Number card layout for 6 players

Lay out the number cards in the center of the table:

  • 3-5 players: Number cards 1 to 6 (Guess cards per player: 1 to 6)
  • 6 players: Number cards 1 to 7 (Guess cards per player: 1 to 7)
  • 7 players: Number cards Ito 8 (Guess cards per player: 1 to 8)

Shuffle the Task Cards and put them in a face-down pile in the center of the table. Spread out all 64 letter tokens, face down and in easy reach of all players.

Place the supply of scoring chips next to them.

Game Play

Each game consists of 6 rounds, and each round consists of 11 steps, as described below. Before you start, choose a starting player, for example the player with the most vowels in his or her first and last names.

Each round, the next player clockwise around the table is the starting player.

  1. he starting player shuffles the letter tokens. Then each player (including the starting player) takes a task card from the face down pile. Important: Players are only allowed to see their own task cards!

  2. Each player takes 9 face down letter tokens from the supply-6 consonants (dark back side) and 3 vowels (light back side). Place your 9 letters face up next to your word board.

  3. Each player creates a word that does not exist, but still fits the topic listed on your task card.

    Example: Your topic is "Science Fiction Character". You may use "ABEVAN" or "PRINSS L" but not "SOLO" or "LUKE".

  4. Once you are done, turn your word board so it's facing the other players.

    Important! Don't read your words out loud or give any other hints until the scoring step (8), otherwise you might be giving away too much!

    Put any unused letters back into the supply, face down, in the center of the table.

  5. Hand your task card (still face down) to the starting player. Once he or she has received all the cards, he or she adds one or more face down cards from the pile:

    • For 3 to 5 players: Add any number of cards to make it 6 task cards in total;
    • For 6 or 7 players: add 1 card to make it 7 or 8 cards, respectively.

  6. The starting player shuffles those (6 to 8) task cards face down, and places them, one by one, on the number cards in the center of the table. The numbers should remain visible (see picture). Now all players can see which topics are in play.

  7. Each player slides the guess card with the number of their own topic halfway beneath their word boards, face down.

    Example: If your topic is on number card 5, you slide your face down guess card with the number 5 beneath your word board.

    Now each player tries to assign each topic to the other players' word creations. Once you have decided, place your respective guess card face down in front of that player's word board.

    Example: You believe that Sandra's word "NOMMEL" belongs to the topic "something to inflate" (placed on number card 7). Place your guess card with the number 7 face down in front of Sandra's word board.

    You don't need to place your guess cards in turn order, just continue until everyone has placed their guess cards.

    Important: After placing your guess cards in front of each player, there will be some left (because of the additional task cards the starting player drew from the pile).

    Just put them face down next to your own word board.

  8. Scoring starts as soon as all players have placed their guess cards. The starting player begins:

    • Read out your own word, in the way you intend it to sound. As noted above, this is the first time you are allowed to do so!

    • Next, turn the guess cards in front of your word board face up, one by one. You are welcome to comment on your words ...

    • Finally, reveal your own guess card, the one that you slid halfway beneath your word board. The riddle is solved! Distribute points as follows:

      The word creator gains 1 point for each correct guess by the other players. Each player who guessed correctly also gains exactly 1 point. Take points from the supply in the center of the table.

      You don't have to reveal the current number of points to the other players.

      Trade smaller chips into bigger ones to make sure there are always plenty of smaller chips in the supply.

      Example: Frank's topic is placed on number card 2. Cornelia, Sandra and John have placed their guess cards number 2 in front of Frank's word board, the other players didn't. Frank takes 3 points from the suppy; Cornelia, Sandra and John take 1 each.

  9. Now the next player in turn order reads out their word (for the first time!), reveals the other players' guess cards and then their own. Distribute points as described in step (8) . Repeat this process in turn order until all words have been read aloud and scoring is completed.

  10. Prepare the next round. Each player takes their guess cards and returns the letter tokens face down to the supply. Place the used task cards on a face down discard pile.

  11. Now the next player in turn order becomes the starting player. Shuffle the letter tokens, then distribute task cards to each player. Take 3 vowels and 6 consonants from the supply, etc.

End of the Game

The game ends after 6 rounds. The player with the most points wins. If there is a tie, there are multiple winners.

Word Creation 101

  • To create your word, you may use any number of letters from your personal supply. You can use only one letter, several letters, or all 9 letters. You may create multiple words by adding a small space between the respective characters.

  • Don't use words that exist in the English language. You also can't use words that imitate, abbreviate or translate part of your topic.

    Example 1: Your topic is "scary movie title". You can't use "MUVY" or "SKARY" (because they're imitations of the topic), nor can you use "SCARI VILM". You would be allowed to use "SKREEM", "GRMLIN" or something like "SKREACH" or "SHIVR" . ..

    Example 2: Your topic is "TV game show". You can't use "DV" or "TIFI" or "GEM SHAW" (because they can sound like "TV" or "game show"); but you can use e.g. "MLLYON" or "JOPDY" or "W O F" or "PRC RGT" . ..

  • Remember, "Krazy Wordz" is all about creativity, imagination and, most of all, fun. Winning and competition is secondary. It's ok to use trickery once in a while, but never be boring or unimaginative!

  • Never give any hints regarding your own word. Do not read it out loud before the scoring step.

  • Don't "think aloud" while placing your guess cards. Sentences like "Does 'GROGUX' sound more like an Indian goddess or more like a scary monster" show the other players that neither is your current task.

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