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Watch out! The Giants are charging down the mountains! They are loud and boisterous!!! They too want their share of the kingdoms under construction... and it's going to cost you!


  • 3D castle
  • 1 distribution tower
  • 2 brown wooden kings
  • 1 starting tile
  • 2 Giant dominoes
  • 17 Quest tiles
  • 6 "Giant" meeples
  • 1 score pad
  • Instructions


Each player takes:

  • 2-player game: 2 kings of their color and a starting tile to place their castle on.
  • 3/4 to 5-player game: one king of their color and a starting tile to place their castle on.

The dominoes from the basic game and the 12 dominoes from the expansion pack are all thoroughly shuffled together, numbered side up. All these dominoes are then randomly placed inside the distribution tower.

The Quest tiles are thoroughly shuffled, face down.

The first 2 tiles from the draw pile are then uncovered. The remaining tiles are put back in the box (they will not be of use for this game). The game can then start.

Game Play

How players select their domino each round and then connect it to other dominoes in their kingdom is done exactly the same way as in both Kingdomino and Queendomino games. If you need to, refer to the rules book of these games.

The following rules only outline the specific rules brought on with the new dominoes:

Setting Up Lines of Dominoes

Whatever the number of players, ALWAYS form 5 domino lines. Some dominoes have letters, not numbers on them. Those with letters must always be organized in alphabetical order, and placed ABOVE the smallest number.

The dominoes are then uncovered, and games with less than 5 players, some dominoes must be discarded, as shown below, before players can make their choices.

Arrival of the Giants

Important reminder: you cannot discard a domino if there is at least one way to connect it to your kingdom according to the game's rules.

Dominoes with letters make a giant appear, which can be easily spotted on the illustrated side of the domino.

Any player who adds such a domino to their kingdom MUST take a Giant meeple, choose a crown in their kingdom and position the Giant over that crown, to cover it (if there are no crowns in the kingdom at the time the domino is picked, then the effect is simply dismissed).

At the end of the game, a crown covered by a Giant does not score.

To get Rid of the Giants

Dominoes numbered 49 to 54 have footsteps on their illustrated side. Any player who adds such a domino to their kingdom can then move a Giant by choosing one present in their own kingdom...and sending it to the kingdom of any opponent!

This opponent is going to have to choose a crown in their kingdom to place the Giant on. (if there are no Giants in the players' kingdom at the time such a domino is picked, then the effect is simply dismissed).


In the Kingdomino game, players can choose to play with the following additional rules: "The Middle Kingdom" (10 additional points if your castle is in the center of your kingdom) and/or "Harmony" (5 additional points if your territory is complete and no domino has been discarded).

These two additional rules are now two Quest tiles among the 17 tiles in this expansion pack. Therefore, they cannot be played at the same time as the Age of Giants expansion is played.

At the beginning of each game, two of the 17 tiles are randomly drawn and uncovered for all to see. Each tile shows a specific way to score bonus point at the end of a game.

This makes all of your games unique!

Here are the different Quests:

  • Local business: Each square located around your castle, both along each side and diagonally and matching the type of land required, wins 5 extra points.

  • The four corners of the kingdom: Each square located at the 4 corners of your kingdom and matching the type of land required, wins 5 extra points.

  • Harmony: Win 5 extra points if your Kingdom is complete (no discarded domino).

  • The Middle Kingdom: Win 10 extra points if your castle is in the middle of your kingdom (even if your kingdom is incomplete).

  • The lost corner: Win 20 extra points if your Castle is located on one of the 4 corners of your kingdom.

  • "La folie des grandeurs": Win 10 extra points whenever at least 3 squares with a crown are aligned, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Crowns can be on different types of lands.

  • Bleak king: Win 10 extra points for each 5-square property of Wheat, Forest, Lake or Grassland with no crown on it.

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