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Card Descriptlon

1 The cost of a card is in the upper-left corner, and is paid in Energy cubes ().

Keep these cards face-up for the remainder of the game unless indicated otherwise.

2 How to play the card is indicated above the text.

3: Effect of the card is indicated in the bubble.

Resolve these cards' effects immediately, then discard the card.

Card Clarifications

Whenever a card depicts a number followed by , this indicates the number of Victory Points you earn by buying it.

It's possible to reach 20 but die due to some card effects. You must survive your entire turn in order to win. If all the Monsters are eliminated in the same turn… everybody loses!

No cards permit you to have more than 10 unless they explicitly say that you can exceed 10 .

Certain Discard cards are linked to a borough, and they cost 1 less if you are in the right borough when you buy them.

Statue of Liberty and Superstar are Goal cards. You earn them exclusively by rolling a particular combination, and you lose them if someone else rolls that combination.

You must roll to take Statue of Liberty.

You immediately gain 3 .

You immediately lose 3 if you lose Statue of Liberty.

You must roll to take Superstar. You immediately gain 1 and +1 for each additional that you just rolled.

While you have this card, you gain 1 for each you roll.

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