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In Kero, your clan must be faster and smarter than the opposing clan. You have only three rounds to achieve victory.


  • 1 gameboard
  • 2 timetrucks,
  • 12 territory
  • 24 regular cards
  • 12 starting cards
  • 3 battle cards
  • 18 tokens
  • 5 ressources dice
  • 3 special dice
  • 14 character tokens with 14 stickers
  • rulebook

Object of the Game

Your goal is to collect as many resources as possible while using as little as possible of the KERO in your tanker truck.

You will need to send Explorers to claim New Territories. Claim any territories in which you have a majority at the end of the round. During your travels, you will come across Tuareks, who are always ready to lend a hand. They are generally friendly, and it is a good idea to have them on your side.

Manage your KERO, gather new resources, explore New Territories and save your clan.


Begin by affixing the stickers to the 14 wooden tokens, then place the game board between the two players.

Divide the deck of cards as follows:

  • 3 Claim cards
  • 12 Start cards
  • The remaining 24 cards


  • Divide the 24 cards into 3 roughly equal piles
  • Place 1 Claim card on top of each pile
  • Shuffle each pile
  • Stack all 3 together to form a single draw pile


  • Shuffle the Start cards
  • Place them on top of the draw pile, here

The Refinery shows the cost of fueling up with KERO. Place the three colored dice on the Shack. Shuffle the Tuarek tiles and form a draw pile. Place the 10 Permanent Ability tiles next to the game board.

Reveal the first 6 cards in the draw pile.

New Territories

Shuffle the New Territories and form a face-down draw pile. Reveal the first 4 territories. Place the 27 Jerrycan tokens next to the game board.

Clan Camps

Each player choose his clan and takes a tanker truck. Note that the truck can only be stood vertically on its rear end (on the tank). This is how you place the truck while you are using it.

To fuel up the truck, you must hold it in the opposite direction, with the cab facing downwards. Once fueled up and placed flat again, your tanker truck is ready for use.

Each clan places its 7 Explorer markers. Each clan collects 2 Jerrycans and 2 Tuarek tiles.

The player who fueled up most recently collects the First Player token. The First Player takes the 5 white dice and starts the game.

Game Play

The game is played in 3 rounds, each comprising several turns during which players perform 3 or 4 steps.

  • Fuel up with KERO

    You can fill your tanker truck with kerosene fuel.

  • Select and roll your dice

    You have a limited time - which you determine yourself using your tanker truck - in which to roll the dice and obtain needed resources.

  • Upgrade your camp

    Collect resources. Take cards. Visit the Tuareks. Explore New Territories.

  • Fire

    Remove any burnt cards.

  • Claim New Territories

    This step only occurs when a Claim card is revealed. The clans divvy up the New Territories that they have explored.

When you have played your game steps, your turn ends and your opponent's turn begins.

The deck includes 3 Claim cards. The first two end the first two game rounds, and the third card ends the game.

Fueling Up with Kero

At the start of your turn, before performing any other actions, you may optionally spend 1 Jerrycan at the Refinery to fuel up with KERO (or 2 Jerrycans to fuel up twice in succession).

Fuel-up procedure:

  1. The opposing clan picks up the 8 dice.

  2. You tip your tanker truck and hold it with the cab facing downwards. As soon as the KERO starts flowing, your opponent rolls the dice using only one hand.

  3. Any dice that roll a are placed on one side. Your opponent continues to roll the dice until they all show a .

  4. When all the rolled dice show a , you must immediately place your tanker truck flat again, ending the fueling sequence.

Important: When 7 dice are showing a , the last die rolled is considered to automatically show a after five rolls.

Select and Roll your Dice

  1. Select Your Dice

    You automatically receive the 5 white dice. These dice are identical, and provide access to bricks, wheat, metal, recruits and Jerrycans.

    • gives you 1 brick.

    • gives you 1 wheat.

    • gives you 1 metal.

    • gives you 1 recruit.

    • Collect a Jerrycan token.

    • from the reserve and place it in your camp.

    • Yields no resources.

    You may add between 1 and 3 special colored dice, by paying 1 Jerrycan per additional die at the Shack. Colored dice provide access to larger quantities of resources as well as special actions/bonuses.

    The sides on the special dice yield larger quantities varies according to the number of resources shown.

    Draw a Tuarek tile.

    Immediately place an Explorer on the New Territory of your choice, for free.

    Note: Certain cards and Tuareks provide free access to the special dice.

  2. Tip your tanker truck (cab up) and stand it on its tank on the table. As soon as the KERO starts flowing, roll your dice.

  3. As long as you still have KERO in your tank, you can reroll any or some of the dice as often as you want. However, if you roll a on a die, the f die burns up and you can no longer reroll it.

  4. When you are happy with the results on your dice (even after a single roll), immediately place your tanker truck flat again.

Important: Once you have placed your tanker truck back in the flat position, you are not allowed to tip it up again. Making snap decisions - and mistakes - is part of the game!

Kero Outage

If your tank runs dry while you are rolling your dice, your turn ends immediately. Do not apply the effects of your die rolls.

Fortunately, however, a passing Tuarek agrees to immediately fuel up your tanker free of charge, but with only 5 white dice.

Then it is your opponent's turn to play.

Collect Resources

Collect the resources indicated on the dice. Each resource can only be used once. Make your combinations and take everything you can.

You can use the collected resources to perform actions:

  1. Take cards.
  2. Take Tuarek tiles.
  3. Place Explorers.

All unused resources are lost.

Note: Certain game items grant additional free resources when you collect resources.

a. Take Cards

Cards grant either immediate actions/bonuses or else permanent abilities that can be very useful during the game. Take the cards to which you are entitled and use any actions/bonuses immediately. Certain cards are worth points at the end of the game.

Cards with the symbol grant permanent abilities that can be used once per turn until the end of the game. These abilities are shown on tiles that will help you to remember to use them during the game.

When you receive a Permanent Ability card, collect the corresponding Permanent Ability tile and place it in your camp, on the edge of the game board. You can have a maximum of 5 Permanent Ability tiles.

Example: You have used 2 recruits to obtain this card, which lets you immediately place an Explorer on a New Territory.


You have used 3 wheat and a Jerrycan (either from a die or by spending a token) to obtain this card. From now on, you can add the green die to your 5 white dice every turn until the end of the game.

b. Take Tuarek Tiles

At any time during your turn, you may purchase and play as many Tuarek tiles as you want. Pay 2 Jerrycans per Tuarek. Place the Tuarek tile(s) face down in your camp.

You may own as many Tuarek tiles as you want, but you must discard them after use.

If the draw pile is empty, shuffle the used Tuarek tiles and create a new draw pile.

Notes: Certain game items grant free Tuareks. One type of Tuarek is played during your opponent's turn.

c. Place Explorers

To explore the 4 New Territories, you must place Explorers.

Both clans will be interested in New Territories, as they score points at the end of the game or provide bonuses when they are claimed. To win them, you must have a majority of Explorers at the end of the round.

You may pay 1 recruit and 1 metal to place an Explorer on the New Territory of your choice (even if you or your opponent have already placed other Explorers on it). Deploying multiple Explorers simultaneously is allowed.

Example: This New Territory scores 3 points and grants 1 Tuarek. This territory is sure to score 1 point. To score the 3 additional points, you must own 4 cards of the same color at the end of the game.

Points scored

Important! A "+" indicates the number of points scored if certain conditions are satisfied. A "/" means "per".


When you have performed all your actions, check the number of obtained on your dice:

If you have obtained 0 or 1 , no action is required.

If you rolled 2 or more on your dice, you must "burn" the right-most card on the game board, discarding it. Next, shift the remaining cards to the right.

Then fill the empty spaces on the game board, one by one from right to left, with new cards from the draw pile.

Example: During his turn, Mike has collected 2 cards: B and F. As he rolled 3 on his dice, he must discard the right-most card: E. Then he moves cards A, C and D to spaces 4,5,6. Lastly, he draws three new cards, one by one, to fill spaces 3, 2 and 1 (proceeding from right to left).

If you reveal a Claim card during this process, stop filling the empty spaces, as the Claim card ends the round.

Claim New Territories

Revealing a Claim card triggers the end of the round, or the end of the game if it is the third Claim card.

Each clan gains the New Territories on which it has a majority, retrieves its Explorers and places its New Territories in its camp.

Any tied or unoccupied New Territories are discarded and placed back in the game box. All Explorers are returned to their respective camps.

Draw 4 New Territories and fill the empty spaces. Discard the Claim card and finish filling the row with new cards. Play resumes as normal, beginning with the opposing clan.

Note: Certain game items enable the holder to win a New Territory in the event of a tie.


  1. Neither clan wins the New Territory as the number of Explorers is tied. The New Territory is discarded.

  2. Neither clan wins the New Territory as no Explorers have been placed on it. The New Territory is discarded.

  3. The gray clan has a majority. It claims the New Territory and places it in its camp.

End of the Game

The game ends when the third Claim card is revealed.

The First Player tile serves as a reminder of who started the game.

  1. If the third Claim card is revealed after the second player's turn, the game ends immediately, as both players will have played the same number of turns.

  2. If the third Claim card is revealed after the first player's turn, the second player may play one last turn.

Final Turn of the Second Player.

Play your turn in the normal way. By this stage of the game, the New Territories have been either claimed or discarded. The New Territories draw pile is therefore empty. If you want to place Explorers, you must place them in the designated spaces under the now-empty draw pile.


  • 1 Explorer scores 1 point during the final scoring round.
  • 2 Explorers score 3 points during the final scoring round.

You may occupy both spaces, placing 3 Explorers to score a total of 4 points.

When the final turn has been played, move on to the final scoring round to determine the winner.

Winning Clan

To determine the winner, add up the points scored by your cards and then add the points scored by New Territories. The clan with the most points wins the game and earns the title "Badassest Clan, 2471".

Tips before starting your First Game

  • Make sure you have enough space to roll the dice!

  • Before rolling the dice, observe the cards and New Territories available on the game board and decide how to get what you have chosen.

  • To get your game off to a flying start, stand the game box vertically on the table with the tanker trucks inside while you set up the game. This ensures that the tanks will be full when you are ready to play.

  • On your first turn, there is no need to keep Jerrycans to fuel up with KERO, as your tank is already full. It is better to spend your Jerrycans to use special dice. They provide more options and give better results when you roll the dice.

  • Lastly, remember that the three Claim cards are inserted into the card draw pile randomly... A round can end at any time! Keep an eye on the number of cards revealed during the game.

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