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Now KerPlUnk! - one of the favorite games of all time - is more fun than ever! Just set it up, start playing, and watch out for marbles that go KERPLUNK!


  • Game Base
  • Tube (top and bottom cups)
  • Tube Connector
  • 30 Sticks
  • 32 Marbles

Object of the Game

To skillfully remove the sticks from the tube, dropping the fewest marbles.


  1. Stand the tube bottom on a flat surface, see below.

  2. Line up the little tabs on the connector with the slots in the tube bottom and snap the connector down firmly into the cup as shown.

  3. Line up the slots on the tube top (the cup with the opening in its top) with the tabs on the connector and snap the cup down firmly over the connector as shown.

  4. Pull on both ends of the tube to make sure the connector assembly is secure.

  5. Remove color sticks from plastic sprues.

Tube Assembly


  1. Stand the tube in the game base as shown.

  2. Insert all the sticks into the connector -- just put one end of the stick through a hole and push it through to a hole on the other side. Place the sticks randomly so that they crisscross each other in different directions, as shown in 3.

  3. When all the sticks are inserted, load the marbles by dropping them through the opening in the top of the tube. The marbles will rest on top of the web of sticks. If any fall through onto the game base, just reload them until all the marbles rest on top of the sticks.

Game Play

1. The game base has compartments numbered 1 through 4. Each player selects a numbered compartment to use throughout the game. Choose a player to go first; play then passes to the left.

2. On each turn:

  1. Slowly rotate the tube so that the window opening is lined up with your numbered compartment. Be careful not to move the marbles!

  2. Choose any stick and carefully pull it all the way out of the tube, trying not to move the marbles and causing them to fall. Note: The first stick you touch is the stick you must pull, but you may hold the tube steady with one hand.

  3. When you've removed the stick, place it aside. It's now the next player's turn to follow steps a, b and c.

Note: A player's turn is not completely over until the moment the next player touches the tube to rotate it, or touches a stick. Any marbles that drop before the next player touches either the tube or a stick are added to the first player's score.

3. Marbles that drop during your turn will automatically go into your numbered compartment. Do not remove them -- just leave them there until the game is over.

End of the Game

When all the marbles have dropped into the game base, each player counts the number of marbles in their compartment.

The player with the least number of marbles in their compartment is the winner!

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