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Uh-oh, this playroom is such a mess. Toys are lying all over the place - it's time to clean them up! Your keen eyes and sharp mind are going to help you find all of the toys in the playroom.

But be careful: the toys you're looking for can look a bit different from what you expect!


  • 42 double-sided Toy cards
  • 42 double-sided Playroom cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first to spot the matching pictures and clear your way to victory!


Shuffle all Playroom cards and spread them on the table at random (blue frame up) so that everyone can see both pictures on every card.

Shuffle the Toy cards and place the pile in the middle: whichever side of the topmost card of the Toy pile is up, it's considered the card's back during the game.

Game Play

The youngest player goes first.

They reveal (flip) the topmost Toy card and place it next to the Toy pile. Now all players simultaneously start looking for the Playroom card with the revealed toy on it.

To make the game more challenging, the toys on the Toy and Playroom cards are depicted in a slightly different way: they always differ in color and their images are rotated.

For instance, the teapot on the Toy card is red and its spout aims up, but on the Playroom card it's blue and its spout aims down.

As soon as any player finds the Playroom card, they point at it, name the toy they were looking for and then take the revealed Toy card (yellow frame) as a victory point. This player then reveals the next Toy card and the game goes on the same way until the Toy pile is depleted.

End of the Game

At the end of the game, the player with the most Toy cards (victory points) wins. In case of a tie, all tied players win.

Play with Younger Children

For an easier game, use the Playroom cards with the green frame up.

There are 2 toys on every card as well, but the colors of the toys are the same and the images are not rotated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If the Given Answer Is Incomplete?

Let's say, the player named the toy, but forgot to point at it?

This answer doesn't count as the right one.

What if several players give the right answer at the same time?

If the players can't decide who should take the card, it goes to the bottom of the pile.

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